Quick question for those on PC/X1 regarding NPC buildings

Hiyas! So just a quick question for anyone who may know the answer, I’m wondering if the various NPC buildings/huts/tents and so on can be placed by players? Either through feat unlocks or just with creative mode/admin panel.

Really enjoy the look of the northern cimmerian huts/houses and hoping I’ll be able to build or place such houses down, creatively or otherwise.

There are several mods out there that let you do just that, however expect for them to break with release and give the authors some time to iron them out. Many RP servers use pre-rendered buildings to create villages, trading posts, and entire cities. Helps cut down on lag and also makes the place look incredible.

Thats of no help to those on PS4 sadly (dunno if X1 can get mods). It’d be nice to see them made available through the creative/admin mode, without the need for mods, or even as regular ingame feats you can learn. They look lovely from what I’ve seen so it’d be nice to see them in player bases too. :slight_smile:

mods only on pc
xbox might get mods in the future. microsoft posted a job listing for a position for developing a mod system

keep in mind that they also promised full mouse and keyboard support back in 2016