In game items I wish that us players could have or be able to craft

Ever since I started playing conan exiles and the first time I saw the dafari camps, the mounds of the dead and new asgarth.

I always thought how great it would be if we could obtain the tent like structures of the darfari or be able to have the ability to construct our homes to be like the mounds of the dead or have the ability to construct the curved roof buildings and curved wooden spiked log walls like the ones around New Asagarth.

With the fact they are already in the game it should not be too hard to make them like a placeables by clicking on a item in the game and getting its recipe or making it a dlc that lets us have the same building pieces to make them.

I know there are mods for PC that lets players have them so why not let us console players have them.

I would actually pay for a dlc that lets us console players completely play as a cimmerian with our own mound homes.

All images below are in game images while the last image was a player made map called Nordheim


Would be nice.

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