Darfari placables

I’ve suggested this before, but I’m going to do so again. I want to see these in the game.

Darfari tents.

Even if they’re just in game to loot randomly like the Black Hand tents. Though, I’d really like them to be used as another form of bedroll or bed.

Darfari cages.

I know we have the large dome shaped cage in game, but would love to see these cages from Darfari camps available to craft (and place unconscious NPCs in while waiting to be tamed)

Decorative dead trees.

These look awesome. Much better than the wind chimes available. Please add these as in game.

Darfari standing skull torches.

The item I want more than anything from this list is these standing skull torches. Please, Funcom, give us these.

Would also like the Darfari fences to be added and to serve the same purpose as spikes and palisades.

Another item I’d also love to see added to this game is a throne made of skulls and bones.

A flaming skull attached to a branch would be a cool torch to run around with at night also.

Thank you for reading.

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Bone throne!!! Im okay with it taking an ABSURD number of bones to make … thoses chests in my alchemist hut have way to many bones in them.

The standing skull torches used to be a feat you could learn in the summoning place. Not sure if it was moved or removed. Maybe someone else knows.

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