More NPC Camp Clutter For Placeables...Please

In the past number of people, myself included, have called for several of the articles of clutter found dotted around various NPC camps to be made available as placeables and decorative items for the playerbase. This is a renewed call for some of these great items to be made available to the players as craftables. Here are some examples:

Impaled Skeletons

Dafari Skull Tree

Practice Dummy

Butchers Meat rack

Blacksmiths Anvil

Skull Torches

Why this adorable little guy right here of course. The Skull Grave

Anyone else have some NPC camp clutter which the would like to see transition into fully fledged player craftable placeables? Then by all means please add them to the list.


The last one already exists years now in admin panel. I never tried to fix it in normal gaming, but when I participated in a server like co admin and fixed all the community builds of the server I used these in the sinchole map room so I am 100% that this decorative exists. In a few minutes I’ll log in on 3728 that I possess all the recipes to see if I can fix them in normal game.
For all the others I agree 100%, want them all :+1:t6:.

Edit. I find some photo and tricks if you are interested.
In the game mode we can fix these you probably already know but in admin mode you can find the loot rock pile and use it as decoration.

Now you can play a little bit with skulls too because they can find stability and placed almost everywhere

I just love the metallic skull, it is rather expensive in official servers but it worth the cost :relaxed:. Almost all the brazier, not the torches but the braziers can accept more than one skull on them :wink:


All of these make sense to me as things that would make good placeables in game. I’d also like to see some of those loose board textures you find on the ground in Sepermeru - they’d be great for ‘softening’ the edges of some builds, creating a more gradual transition to the terrain.

‘Skulltaker’ is a good start along these lines (and the new Siptah feats like Wrecker and Ruiner provide some cool decorative building pieces), but it would be great to be able to add torches to them and add in some of the similar pieces we can’t currently craft.

Edit: One that I quite liked was overlapping a candle and a skull - but I have a feeling that may only be possible due to the modding talents of Multigun):


We have patience I guess :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I see us playing this game for some years more I believe, but we already see dreams in this game coming true, I have faith, great faith actually that eventually we will see more dreams come true :tada::tada::tada:

Edit. Yea @Multigun rocks :star_struck:


No matter what my religion is I ALWAYS build darfari wind chimneys, they are a bit creepy, and I like it! Especially when my base in in the desert near the Summoning place, where the music is just… incredibly good.

@stelagel Yog skull is a great idea :open_mouth: never knew they have this use, other than offering them to other gods.

Edit: did you mean this?: Decorative Metal skull - Official Conan Exiles Wiki
I thought you was referring to the Yog skull looted from T4 Yoggite priests!


@rolee9309 , It is the metallic skull you can fix from the artisans table, it costs a bit expensive but in the late game this cost has no meaning. Especially in Siptah on Grey pools the fragments are candies. I don’t ever remember in exile lands to come back with 40 fragments of power. I never used the yogs skull, if however you have one you can try and tell us please :blush:


Ahh, you were quick! I just finished my edit when your answer popped up. Sorry for misunderstanding you.


No worries, if you have one please try, I would be very happy to know, thank you.


Right on. Gimme that skull tree.

I would like to have a placeable human body with the blood smears like we encounter near the beaches. #dontswimalone


I myself have wanted some of the actual npc housing to be placeables


I’d like the Vanir buildings from New Asagarth.


@Croms_Faithful , Can you put these in your list too please?
Tiny cupboard



Man i want all of these so bad, we totally need them to do an artisan table update where they add a table for each dlc type put a lot of in world stationary items into the list as well


I put my skulls into my argossian fountain :wink: every sip is the tears of my enemies :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


More decorative placeables would be grand.
As the assets already exist in game, they shouldn’t be too difficult to add.

I also want another tent. Specifically the tents used in Sepermeru.


Hey Stelagel, Im a bit late reply to this thread, as work has been pretty demanding again lately. But lets make a start.

The grave, are you sure…!? Because I have never spotted it in there myself. If so cool, and what is it called eg-grave, marker, body.

The torch one is cool, and the candle one is humorous to behold. But still, nothing wrong with burning a defeated enemies skull I say. :smiling_imp: :fire:

I love the metallic skull too! As you said expensive, but so nice aesthetically.


Couldnt agree more DanQuixote. The practice dummy is one especially which I have wanted for a looong time now. And to me it mskes sense that if a warrior is to have a way to practice his ranged skills and marksmanship at his home (ie-the archery target), why wouldn’t he want a way to practice his hand wielded weapon combat skills too? Adding the recipe to an interactable dummy would be amazing.

Absolutely. If one is the same feat I am thinking of then I love the whole crumbling walls and state decaying disrepair look. More torches would be great too.

I love the placeable phials and the alembic.

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Stelagel you already have my friend. Which is absolutely fine with me, I have invited all members to add any and all other items they would like to see made fully fledged placeables to the thread. But if you would still like me to add it to the original post anyway to make if formal or official, then I am happy to do so?

You know they were actually two of the things on the Isle of Siptah which I was trying to remember! Thanks good buddy. The bathtub especially is awesome, me-wantee. :wink: A placeable latrine may not be a bad idea to accompany it.


ln the past number of people, myself included, have called for several of the articles of clutter found dotted around various NPC camps to be made available as placeables and decorative items for the playerbase.

That’s not a bad idea.

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I agree some of that stuff would look good as a placable. All tjat stuff arounf npc camps is only used to pin my trhall to, or its not rendered in and i rubberband and snag and lag…why should i have to go to the nearest npc camp to get me/thrall stuck on something. More placables!