Vendhyan DLC, Statues and Directional Arrows

I’m know I’m not the only one hoping for more cosmetic DLCs. Can we please get a Vendhyan DLC with armours, weapons and placeables. Would really like a Hanuman or Kali statue (why not both?)

Would love to see more statues in general. All of the gods of the Hyborian Age. Even if we need to learn it with fragments of power. Why no Set or Derketo statues? Even more variety for Yog and Jhebbal Sag.

Also, can we please get directional arrows when placing foundations. I can’t be the only one with OCD. Dismantling T3 foundations over and over is expensive and frustrating. Especially with the Yamatai foundations.

Loving the game updates. It’s getting so much better. Keep up the great work.


Dont worry my friend you are not alone here. I could draw up a lengthy list of ‘faults’ or ‘problems’ I have discovered within the game, however I dont wish to make your list of noticeables any larger. I tell you, the ability to pick up crafting starions and return them to the inventory was an absolute godsend. There was so many times I had to demolish existing ones because they werent completely parallel with the wall.

And for the record, Im all for directional arrows, and statues of all of the gods. Especially statues of the gods. We can never have too many decorations and placeables.


If they were able to give us the ability to craft a smaller version of Tyros’ statue on Telith’s Island, I think they should be able to give us the ability to craft the statue from Hanuman’s Grotto. Red glowing eyes along with it. What’s the Eye’s of Hanuman in the admin panel for?

You’re 100% on the ability to pick up work stations. The fact that they do listen to suggestions gives me hope for further improvements. I’m on PS4, I got it first day release. It’s come a long way. They amount of work they keep putting in is much appreciated. For that, I’ve purchased all the cosmetic DLCs in support of their efforts.

Fingers crossed on the god statues!


Even tho I bought them, I still have the damn splash screen telling me to buy them again, get rid of that and maybe others might want more of them.

I agree dissociativeME. Hannumans statue would make a cool ornament. In fact I can think of several other statues and also objects which I wouldnt mind smaller versions of. For example, the Aquilonian Statues and Totem Poles. They are simply WAY too big to fit inside a modest sized home, which pretty much means they are relegated to outside only. A tremendous shame, as they would have looked great in my armoury/trophy room. If only we could get them around the size of a Statue of Guidance too. Another example of this is the Vault; it is such a monstrosity! I would literally pay good money for a smaller vault, one which could actually fit inside a players house (shall we say 1 × 1 × 1 foundation/wall piece size). Especially as there is a huge disparity between the storage capacity of a Large Chest and a Vault.

Me too, they are a great company. They are constantly working on imrovements to the game. And they are so approachable. I could only imagine trying to get a direct reply from a company such as EA, Konami, Bethesda or Rockstar, let alone some kind of follow up. And like yourself, I have been playing on ps4 since lauch day (I pre-ordered), and its in such a good place now since the Unnamed City update.

Indeed on the God statues friend.

Ps-regarding your ocd quirks, is there a particular thing which you have picked up on which just wont stop bothering you or standing out? Tell me one of yours and ill tell you one of mine… :slight_smile:

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Many in life, but with this game it’s foundation placement. I need all my lines running the same. There’s a few others. My clanmate is terrible with chest organisation. Puts anything in any chest and it drives me crazy, but he’s great to game with.

I’d love a bigger Hanuman statue. Not the size of the one in the Grotto, but bigger than the Tyros statue we were given. We play on an RP server and my Vendhyan character worships Lord Hanuman. My sanctuary is ready and waiting! :smiley:

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There are a few standouts for me in the game. In addition to the afore mentioned crafting stations issue, there are a few others. For example, wall/standing torches must all be from the same set, and be placed evenly apart. Similarly in my armoury, all Weapon Racks must be placed at an even height, and weapons organised by either type or group. But the biggest one for me, is actually a seemingly small thing; the map. Here is a link explaining what about it bothers me:

The first one mainly. I just really wish that the two Savanna biomes were the same matching yellow colour, the Western one is not a part of the Desert biome, and therefore shouldnt be coloured as such. It drives me :crazy_face:, and frankly I would pay good money to see it fixed.

As soon as you mentioned that your clan mate puts anything in any chest I immediately thought to myself “aarrrgh noo!”. My partner is like that on her profile, and even worse, she uses crating stations to store junk. Lets just say that at times it becomes ‘trying’ to watch. I keep everything sorted. For example, Ingots in one chest, Potions in another, etc. I know it sounds silly, and it probably is, but thats just how it is for me.

Its good to have some one else on the forum who undertstands.

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Zerog I will probably attract much criticism for saying this, but I personally believe that player responsibility must factor into this too, and this is coming from a console player (ps4). For example, I know of a player who tried to build a dome over the top of the entire of Supermeru! (in addition to other structures elsewhere). Needless to say his poor console couldnt handle rendering in so many pieces and began crashing regularly. Then he blamed Funcom for it. I am not for a minute denying that some players, and responsible ones at that, do experience undeserved crashes. However, we as players must behave responsibly too. For example, placing 80+ Jade Cats in ones house is just asking for trouble. Just like in life, people must be responsible for their own actions. The majority of players should not be penalised and made to do without further placeables because a small minority is playing recklessly.

Funcom has provided us with great freedom, and power of choice to shape our own gaming experience. But we must do so enforcing our own checks and balances. It is much like they sold us a Swiss Army Knife or a Car. We have the freedom to use them however we wish, but it is necessary for us to take all reasonable precautions and use them sensibly and responsibly.

Ps- a note to anyone dealing with crashes:
If you are experiencing them, I have been successful in helping a couple of console players get around the issue, and I am happy to share what I know, and try to help.


Also in on the Vendhyan.

My character is one.

Also Vendhyan culture produced a lot of gold and colourful tapestries as well as were renouwned Jewelers and Glass blowers.

We could finally get glass!!!


Oh man, I hear you! I wish there was a way to enable free-rotate on a foundation while still keeping it on an existing decay network. This would be great for when you expand over to a new area and want to align your structures with in-game architecture but can’t because it’s just slightly askew. This makes building gently curving paths almost impossible unless playing on a server with building decay turned off. :pensive:

Aye, I thought the same thing when reading the forums this morning. Someone actually had the temerity to file a “bug report” in response to system instability when they had added thousands of lights in a small area.

Finding it difficult to have empathy on that one.


Preach brother, preach. Personal responsiblity seems to have fallen to the wayside in far too many aspects of life. I play on an xbox and design frugally knowing that lag is an issue. I always ask, “is this item what I want or need for my design?”

Even if Funcom provides more placeables (i hope), i would still minimize the amount i use. Design and playability must be weighed out.


I think a majority who build big and well furnished do not fully understand all the math every player objects has to do when rendering in. Every object has to read stability, lining to and object, render its, mesh, render its skins, calculate its decay state, calculate its HP value left, assign its ownership,render its lighting effects (if it has some),how is it ineracting with in game structures and spawns in that area. And probably far more i missed. Imagine that x 10,000 for some of these bases. Lag is inevitable, as it will be drawing major resources at that point on any rig.


I mean, there are still new players, and people new to this kind of plateforme or games. There is nothing wrong doing tests, and making mistakes. We do it all, and learn trough that.

Problem is that many seems affraid to search bit, read, google when they run into issues.
They blame the game, or the first one they see, and spill out theyr frustration at the wrong place.

I have built and played on lot different plateforms, so some issues seems “normal” to me, but it’s not the case for all. But it’s up to all to make some research before posting, that’s sure. :wink:


That does sound good. Especially regarding the gold and the jewellers part. I am obsessed with hoarding wealth and profiteering in games, so I have a Large Chest with a whole heap of both Gold and Silver Coins, Bars and Orestones. What I wouldnt give to be able to put some of it on display and show off the results of 60 lvls of hard work. For example, a ceramic dish we can place coins in, a silver jewelled idol, a gold skull, a gold circlet or crown, a silver plate, even just the ability stack gold bars as placeables. Perhaps something along the lines of Skyrims deathbrand treasure room?

Although the tapestries part sounds really nice too. An exile can always use more placeables.


I hoard all of the gold and silver I can in chests as well.

Rumor has it that Turan will be the next DLC. So while it’s not quite India… Persia is still darned cool! But otherwise, I could not agree with the OP more. DLC are all about cosmetics so far so I feel like it’s time they pulled out the stops here.


A hookah that has billowing smoke would be cool as a placeable since they are working on the equivalent of Persia.


That would actually be super cool. They already have candles, so hey, why not?

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The Vendhyan DLC should incorporate a bit of Afghulian gear and decorations, as-well.

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