Map Cosmetic/Visual Bugs, or No..!?

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While going through the Conan Exiles Gamepedia site recently, I noticed two irregularities. I am just wondering if these are bugs, or if they are intended? Any additional input would be very welcomed.

  1. As most of us would already know, the Savanna biome is split into two sections. There is one in the far north of the Desert biome, the other is located north of Supermeru, on the western edge of the map (see picture). I have noticed that the Savanna on north edge of the Desert of the desert is a more distinctive, bright yellow colour to diffentiate it, whereas the one above Supermeru is just displayed as the same dull generic colour as the Desert itself. Is this a visual bug, intentional or is there a reason behind it…!? If it is a bug could we possibly have the western Savanna biomes colour changed to be the same as the eastern one?

  2. I noticed on Gamepedia under locations, for ‘Capitals’, that Sinners Refuge is listed as a capital and has a coloured camp symbol as its map marker! (See picture) Is this correct and how its supposed to appear?!? Or is the Gamepedia page wrong? Because if it is correct, there is a bug which makes Sinners Refuge appear as a generic white cave icon instead. If this is indeed a bug, could we possibly correct it at some point.

  3. I also noticed that the Volcano biome is the only biome without a capital. Again, just wondering if this is intententional or a bug? If it is not intentional, can we appoint the Volcano a nice colourful capital marker? After all its such a dreary place, and the Cult of Skelos has to live there; lets bolster their spirits.

Again these (bugs?) are not urgent. Just though I would call attention to them so we can add them to the list.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open the map
  2. Observe the said indiscrepancies
  3. Ponder them curiously
  4. Draw it to the attention of the Conan Exiles community
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  1. The Exiles Capitol icon is pulled from the Dev Kit for the game. You are correct about it showing as a generic cave presently in game. I am not sure if this will change.
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Thanyou for the reply Cattibria. Ok interesting, personally I really hope it does change to its coloured camp marker later. The rich and diverse colours of the capital markers (and the map itself!) are visually pleasing to the eye, and really capture my interest and intrigue.

How about the mismatched colours of the Savanna biomes and the lack of a couloured Capital at the Volcano biome? Are these bugs, intentional, or not sure yet? PS-sorry I dont mean to complain, I cant help but notice these things; Im bit OCD.

Can anyone else shed any light on these observations, especially number 1 and 3? If so, please post them, as it would be good to establish if they are bugs or not.

  1. The Savanna in the first place, is a seperate thing on the wiki, but has been more or less seen as part of the Desert by the devs (as far as blogs are concerned)
  1. This is already noted on its wiki page. I have added an additional line saying what its displayed icon is.
  1. Might be that it isnt a capital ingame? They were sorta nomads anyways. Dunno.
  1. Yeah I know what you mean. Even though they are seperate to the Desert biome, many of us often just think of them as an extension of it. But the fact that one of the two patches of Savanna has the brightly coloured yellow distinction, and the other doesnt is odd…literally! Maybe its ocd talking :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Thanks TheLOLxd2!
  3. I would have have thought its (capital) would be The Well of Skelos, where the you know whats reside, or the Shrune of the Oracle, which seems to be the central hub for its worshippers.

Perhaps some things man is not meant to know…

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