Drink from the skulls of our enemies?

Why can we not drink from the skulls of our enemies in a time when it happened?

Crafted items from our enemies bones and parts:

Skulls made into drinking vessels that show the name of that person defeated.

Skulls atop pikes/ spears that also show the name of the defeated.

Whole bodies impailed on piles with the names.

Let’s not forget crucified player bodies on trees of woe.

Decorative bone piles that show the name of the defeated.

Zombie wheel of pain: defeat your enemy then haul their carcass back to this special wheel of pain throw them onto it and watch their named body eternally run the wheel.

So much content here

How did this not happen already?


Trees of Whoa! For the perpetually surprised barbarian.


Because all our drinking is from a waterskin. Which I believe were made from bladders, at some point. So go nuts with that.

Because it’s unnecessary.

Because most people play PVP and could care less about you drinking out of someone’s skull, when oh wait, they are standing over there still.

Because most players are jerkoffs who would bog down a server by spamming these placeables everywhere. On top of which every single one would have be spawned as a unique item that had to query to database to display a special name over it for whoever was defeated.

Which just ends up in server lag and it’s largely a pointless thing to have.

Still more lag.

Woe. Not whoa.

More placeable spam.

Which, to answer your final question, is why most of this isn’t present. Spam creates lag. Lag ruins the server for those who want to play. And most typically don’t care that you have a bonepile in your backyard as a replacement manhood trophy to showcase your e-skills.


Are we unhappy today? LoL!

And thanks for the spelling correction. I just updated it.


Yes plz yes !

Placeable Cruxified people were part of the first conan exiles screenshots before EA released 2 year ago !


Seems like a form of griefing to me. I don’t have issues with having bones about or skulls on a stick, but why attach names to it. If the only purpose is to show that you killed someone than this should not be part of the game.

Honest Answer…

We need more Clothes… and a Skull private parts covering thong undies would be a great add in the game.
thats right… I wearing your skull and its a now armor protecting my lady/man bits! Watcha gonna do! Nothing! cause you dead!


In general thou, the whole cut wewe off idea Funcom had was funny. And the penis necklaces made me laugh. the whole named skull thing is kinda just weird.

But Skulls getting more uses in general, always a thumbs up.

Skull Cup, Skull Candle, Skull thong, Skull Slippers, Skull Torch with glowing goop in eyes!



In theory the concepts you mentioned could be implemented. They need to be balanced though.

The zombie thing would need a lot of arm wrestling. :laughing:

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Skull torch made with bone, demon blood, and radium. Brightest damn torch in the game that gets fixed by adding more demon blood! Yes! Even make it with Brimstone and Hardened Steel.


Bodies hanged on trees, that would an interesting placeable.


The_Cannibal where have you been the last year, finally someone else who shares my refined sapidity. You know I have been one of this sites most vocal proponents for more brutality for some time now, going back to my first suggestions list. Its a game set in the Conan world, a period of utter bloodlust and savagery, not a walk in the rose garden.

I want thralls chained to boulders and in manacles, placeable torture devices such as the throne of agony & iron maiden we can place them in, crosses to place them on, taskmasters to whip slaves on the wheel of pain, human hide rugs, cups made out of our enemies skulls, placeable hearts, furniture made from blackened bones, rows of heads on spikes, a Dafari on a rotissery, black fountains which spray blood. I could go on and on with so many joyous possiblities. I love it. :smiling_imp: :metal:

Ps- I have a friend who would also like this idea. Summoning @Necro.



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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so please allow me to share some happy concept pictures with you. :smiling_imp:






Mikey I dont get it buddy! :thinking: What is the underlying message?
Are saying that Jesus disapproves…!?

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With a thick dark cloud smelling of tar and sulfur, a “normal” looking guy steps forward…

I am answering my summons Master @Croms_Faithful, and I concur!
Long have we slaughtered and sacrificed with nothing to show for our deeds. Our parched throats need cranial crockery!!!

In the same manner he came, he vanishes while saluting :metal:


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You already have skulls on spikes as a place-able … you just cant name them. Look up the “Skull taker” feat.

You can rip off the arms of npc and beat them to death with them. I never tried on a actual player tho.

Someone is obsessed with skulls.

Lastly this sounds like fun for PvP griefing … but ultimately, being a builder myself, I would rather archways and the like. Buuuuutttt … Maybe a skull themed build set could be nice, so I can build a castle from the bones of the hundreds of thousands of npcs I’ve killed.

Then again, that would look more like Doom than Conan.

HOWEVER … you just gave me an idea, I’m gonna build a graveyard with skulltaker parts, fences and wooden signs for tombstones to sass the alphas on my server.


Well isn’t this a dark post!

Always look on the bright side of life. [whistle]

Always look on the light side of life. [whistle]


Great idea for the building stuff.

A castle and walls made from bones would be great.

One look at that skeletal chair and all I could think was that it looks like it’d be sore on someone’s ■■■■ to sit on a bunch of knobby skulls.

Also, the skull cup, doesn’t work, I think. Aren’t there a bunch of holes and stuff on the bottom part of a skull? Your liquid would all drain out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember some book, I think it was a Dragonlance thing. Where instead the cup is made from the top of your skull. Like a shallow bowl. And has silver on part of it, like the edges and possibly the outer part of the skull. So only the inner part touched the liquid.

That’d probably work better.

Would hurt too much if they tone up the timers blood stains and pools to last longer? It fades away too fast.

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