Throne of Skulls and Bones

I like the variety on thrones in game so far, but could we get one made of skulls and bones? What could be more barbaric/savage than to sit on the throne of your enemy’s skeletons!

I haven’t tagged PC, as there’s probably a mod for this, but I’m sure players on officials would like this also.



more décor? count me in lol!

Thrones bah, crom laughs at your four winds. Give me the ability to knock out players and crucify them till the starve… Now that’s a decoration.

As we discussed earlier my friend, Im always up for more brutality! A throne of bones, and a cup made from the skulls of enemies. Sounds good. Here is what I posted in a previous topic.

I want thralls chained to boulders and in manacles, placeable torture devices such as the throne of agony & iron maiden we can place them in, crosses to place them on, taskmasters to whip slaves on the wheel of pain, human hide rugs, cups made out of our enemies skulls, placeable hearts, furniture made from blackened bones, rows of heads on spikes, a Dafari on a rotissery, black fountains which spray blood. I could go on and on with so many joyous possiblities. I love it.

:smiling_imp: :metal:

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More of THIS!


Hell yeah and a wheel of pain for players that copies the look of their character after you catch them to make decorations out of. Player skin rugs… Sooooo macabre.

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I mostly want this so I can scream “SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THROOONE!” in chat :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the sacrifice idea too. Have your good come down and punish them while they are chained.

Well even pc players play at officials with no mods… so yeah!!! Good suggestion!!!+1 from me

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