Decorative Thralls

Not sure if this has been brought up or not but I would love to have the option to display our captured thralls on torture devices. I enjoy the skull on a stick option but would really love to see captured thralls crucified or atleast suspended on a cross/post. Just as a friendly reminder to our enemies of our unforgiving nature.

Maybe even giving the opportunity to other players to remove said thralls for their own use

I always wanted that myself, have a better use for those crosses you already added to the game! It would be even more fun if they had a decay and turned into skeletons once it expired, lol

my husband and I were just laughing that they should add human heads to the taxidermy.

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The Sexiles mod will allow you to chain them to posts or crucify them.

OMG XD I see it already… crucified people all over the place