Making Human corpse dolls

The ability to drag a dead human body and turn it into a stuff doll. Human as in Exiles. Both NPC Exiles (Thralls) and player Exiles. These corpse dolls are decorations. Have then sit,stand or just pose. Corpse dolls can’t move. Also corpse dolls equipment is base on what you put on them. Each doll weight is 50 pounds without gear. Corpse dolls look like the dead human they are base on.

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We already have corpse dolls, we call them thralls, lol, they do exactly what you want your corpse doll to do, the only thing a thrall does different is attack…once in a while.

Although your corpse dolls would be more active, if you can have them sit or pose, that’s more than we get from the thralls.

Hmm Bryan I like this idea, I like it a lot. :smiling_imp: :metal: As most would already know, I have long been an advocate for more brutality in Conan Exiles. I sometimes give my thralls a name based on who or what they look like. For example, there is He-man, Quan Chi, Neil, Big erm…mammary glands, Dolly, Me, Abbey Road, and so on. Just think, I could turn Dolly into a real dolly. :dolls: Then place her above my main entryway. I wonder if my fellow brother of dark desires would approve. @Necro what do you think?

Can I have them with stitches running all across their body!? Or…even just the heads for some? Ie-

The ultimate insult is having a corpse doll of your enemy/enemies.

Corpse dolls are full body. I want Corpse dolls first. Then later add in stitches options. Depending on how much of a pain and the honor of my enemy. If I killed you honorable I would place your Corpse doll pose sitting at the worthy table with armor on. This proves your worth to me. If you were not honorable i would have you Corpse dolls thrown into a room with cloth armor on in Grovel pose. If you were beyond worthy and show skill. Your Corpse doll would be put in the Cross Arms Pose.

I think what he means is hed like to be able to dangle the broken bodies of his enemies around his castle as a warning to others and as trophys. Yeah i could get behind some impaled bodies amd such. Would go well with the skulltaker stuff.

Ooooh me too GodKingVivec, I could really support those ideas, and for that matter, almost anything which adds more brutality. Some human taxidermy sounds like a fine addition indeed. :smiling_imp: :metal:

Agreed, we see a few examples like that even right at the start. But also along a few gantor infested banks and even supermeru there are people using a corpse for archery practice.

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