Free to everyone Torture / Slave / Dungeon stuff

I’ve always thought we could use some more stuff for our thralls to do and some new building pieces to accommodate. I know I am not the only one who has thought the same.

We need some jail bars, chains for the walls, skeletons in a cage that hang from the ceiling, etc. There are some that already exist in the game that would be great to use as placeables and building pieces. It wouldn’t take a lot of work to do and make it free to everyone because why not? You guys don’t have to start from scratch for a lot of dungeon decorations. Turning the models into a “placeable” by players might take a little work but, Funcom doesn’t need to make all new foundations, ceilings pilars and stuff for them. Just make some bars and doors that look like a dungeon cell door and bars, use some already made decorations and release them for free. Arena DLC stuff would look great with them.

I would like to see some new stuff like a torture table you can put thralls in and rip them apart or something. If your thrall just stands there and does not fight, just throw him on a slab and rip to pieces lol (thus breaking his bond in the process). Additions such as this might take more work that Funcom wants to put into a free dlc but seriously guys, give us a little something for free to add to the experience.

If Funcom wants to make a fully function DLC with some of the ideas I have in mind and build all new pieces and everything then go for it but there is enough that already exists in the game that could be used with a little tweak here and there that would make many of us very happy if it was released as a free DLC.

thanks for reading.

The time a fighter thrall stood by in Sinner’s Refuge while I truncheoned a swarm of bad guys, and my character’s chest armor broke in the process. Yes in that moment, I did indeed wish we could torture our own thralls.

:smiley: u think that was bad? I had thrall that lobotomized himself into doorframe in asagarth, and watched me die from starvation, and when i returned after items, that idiot was still standing in frame , no move, till all stuff decayed …

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