Functional prisons for captured thralls

Yesterday I came around the Westwall Prison in the Relic Hunter City and had a idea which pretty sure many of us have when they come around this place. Wouldnt it be great if we could build prisons where we can place captured thralls till our wheel of pain has a free slot ? I know we can build prisons for cosmetics and put there any broken thrall but I mean more a real prison with a real function. It would act more or less like a Queue for a wheel of pain and would give player villages a nice cosmetic.


Yaaas. I’ve wanted anything like this from the start! Pillories or stocks or gibbets or a hanging cross or even the existing wooden cages would be great if made functional

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You mean the existing wooden cages we can build don’t actually do anything? I’m glad I never sunk any points into them.

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They are just decoration

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