Flaming Skull Standing Torches

We need to be able to craft these in game. Shown around all the Darfari camps these flaming skull standing torches look awesome. It’s a shame we cannot craft these for our own bases.

Can these please be added to the feats?


Hey buddy, this is a nice idea for the game.
I agree with you.
That would be really cool for the Yog Abyss.:grin:

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Thank you.

I would love these around my Darfari village. Would really fit well. I’m sure they’re around the Lemurian camps too.

Also, I really wish we could place ‘prisoner thralls’ in the cages that we can craft. I’m sure I’ve seen that suggested previously. Fingers crossed. :smiley:

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i’d love to see lots of the “props” found in thrall camps become actually craftable… I remember a nice little anvil, armor stands and similar that would be awesome to have!


What could be a better way for me to show my dedication to Crom than than taking a crushed enemies Skull and sitting it on my shelf…!? Why impaling it on a spike and lighting it on fire of course! :smiling_imp:

I love the idea, and have wanted to make these myself for sometime now.

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Preach NOGG, I know exactly what you mean. Here is a few of them which spring to mind:

Armour Display Racks from Flotsam (well all over really). Its not a manequinn, but its something.

Impaled Skeletons…please. Found in the starting area, Flotsam, and other Black Hand camps.

Training Dummies from the Highlands. They would go great with our Archery Targets.

Butchers Meats Racks, how good would these look in our kitchens…!? Found it Xel Ha and Black Hand camps.

There is a whole bunch of others like the Anvil you mentioned, which I cannot think of at the moment.


Yes! To all of these. Hopefully the developers are listening.

Yeah I agree with there @everybodyvsME. For all of them. But especially regarding the Armour Display Manequinns. PLEEEAASE!!


We must not give up hope, much of what has been proposed has already been implemented. :grin:


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Armour displays would be really nice. There are a few more things I would like to see added. The smaller cages and dead trees with skulls hanging from them. You can find both them at Darfari camps. I’d love a statue of Yog. Darfari style fences…

Yeah, I’m a bit Darfari mad, but they’re so cool. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a few things on the wiki that still aren’t in the game, but holding out hope they’ll come soon;

  1. Bindings of Dead Women’s Hair. (Dead Women’s Hair is in the admin panel)
  2. Craftable Stone Skinning Knife and craftable Stone Cleaver. (Lucky for me, the admin on the server I play is kind enough to spawn these in, although I’ve found the skinning knife in some chests, I need legendary repair kits to repair both tools)

I know stone tools and weapons aren’t ideal, but I’m on a role-play server and playing as a Darfari, I try to use only what a savage would use. :smile:


@Croms_Faithful, reading your post again made me think of a cool new torch. Flaming skull on a stick. We can only hope. :smiley:

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These would actually be really cool if we could place different items in them, similar to the weapon display racks, depending on our character type. Having one of these at my camp filled with blood sausages, human flesh, severed arms and legs would look the part!

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Armor stands!! Wood or iron racks that you can store extra sets of armor on, and display them for aesthetics.


Oh hell yes! I have wanted one of those Skull Trees since the moment I first layed eyes on them. I wish it were craftable at the Yog shrines. I have had enemies drop the Stone Skinning a couple of times, however it seems to be a very rare drop.

I know how you feel buddy. I am absolutely Crom crazy, and have been campaigning to get him some additional features since last December now. It is a slow road, but I am prepared to be patient. I like to RP on my game too. I have been doing the whole Cimmerian Crom zealot/conquerer theme on my game. For Crom!! :mountain_snow:

Sure I all for that. I am actually one of the forums biggest campaigners for more brutality and gore in this game. After all it is the world of Conan :skull: not flowers and rainbows. It is supposed to be brutal. Yog has some great brutality themes/items. I suggested some good ideas in here:

Again…agree! That would be great for a Yog worshipper. Oh and myself too. :smiling_imp:

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Yeah definately Cauthey. This would have to be one of the single most requested items in the history of Conan Exiles. I do so wish that Funcom would fast track them, or at least give us an update on them. There are mods for them, but as a console player, my only hope is for Funcom to add them. Here is what the mod ones look like. Different to the Rack pictured above, but just as good if you ask me.


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