Items I Would Like to See Come to Either The Battle Pass or Bazaar

I started playing conan exiles way back before the map had the northern parts and the volcano and always enjoyed playing as either Nordheimer, Pictish or Cimmerian.

It’s great that all three races have their own racial armor sets now.

But when I saw the mounds of the dead and the buildings or homes used by the nordheimers for the first time I always thought they should let us have the ability to build them or live in them.



I don’t remember the name of the mod but I did hear there is one mod that lets you add the buildings as placeables but I play on a xbox series x so I can’t use mods.

So I would love to see either building pieces or premade placeable versions added to the battle pass or bazaar. I would surely pay $10 if it meant I could get to build or place them and live in the buildings.

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