Bear SHaman and Unconquered

Hey all as I am leveling my Guard my brother decided to start with AoC and subed but wants to play BS and reach lvl 80 on him as unconqered so he can brag that his main has badges or what not.
Level difference is big and I aint waiting for him so he will play solo.
I did find this end game build for BS:

So I was wondering should he follow this or is there better option for super solo build he can use for unconqered or in the end it does not matter?

That looks like the standard build for a BS. Yeah, follow that for both solo and group play.
A few points can be moved around but not much real variation in what is recommended for a Bear Shaman.

Exactly what @ErikT wrote : that’s the typical correct build for a shaman.

Thanks both of you. He is only lvl 15 atm but will have a lot of free time now to lvl up Bear.
We were just wondering in what order to put feats? First fill out Spirit tree than focus on Wrath or mix? Asking as we know some feats are much better at early lvls and others shine later.

Atm he is going for Empowered Renewal to get used on using it from start.

yeah, go into Spirit first: Blood Warrior, Empowered Renewal and Untamed Strikes are pretty good feats and teach from the get go that buffing and timing is the most important part (other than debuffing) of playing a BS. Important note: Activate Renewal BEFORE you you press the last direction of a combo, not in between. if you start the finisher animation before you activate Renewal, nothing will be buffed at all. After Untamed Strikes either go for Blood Warrior and Rune of Aggression (thus stay in Spirit tree) or get the Charge and start building your Internal Bleed and head towards Mani of the Forest. Also - other than the ‘standard’ build you posted, you should get poisoned hide instead of Ursine Onslaught, as you shouldn’t use Ursine Brawl that often when having aggro yourself, since it hits the same shields (right) as your Crush Armor combos (which you should use a lot, all / 3 best ranks available).

Level 21:

level 31 no charge:
31 with charge:

53 Rune of Aggression: https://joharaoc.eu11d3b21c3b5a03bc403b6043ab103b2e23b6663b1503b3443b6c83b4703a9843a9e83b3aa3ae313aab03ae94
53 Rampage:

at level 70 both builds should look like this: (note: Rune of Grounding is a perfectly nice skill, but you wont meet many caster related enemies until you start Khitai or level 80 stuff)

also note: you can skip endurance of the bear and go for balance of nature right away; for playing with groups balance of nature is the go to feat

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Build above are mostly standard BS build. Is there max dmg build for BS? I know you can use basic group build for everything but what if you wanted to maximize your dmg? Is there such a build? If so can anyone help a bit and provide one.

There is… but its still subjective.

Its the same build (bs only has one build really for pve and thats it) except the 3points are in Brutal Walker instead of Ursine Spirit. If you want a dps build you have to wear sin and barb armor cuz neither spec or runes can help you. To sum it up, bears can’t really focus on dps like other classes. If you want to dps play a barb.

It’s more like the standard BS spec is already the dps spec :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks all on replay. Nice one than, don’t need to have extra spec :slight_smile:
One last thing is what people play in PvP? Same thing with just few points in different places or you go to bottom right of Spirit tree for Booming Roar?

Rampage/booming or bubble/booming


I’ve been playing BS I’m following the feat tree without charge and I’m currently 29 I’ve got some AA points and the ability to do AA over time which should I get first?

decisive+pressing strikes(make sure to keep 30 so you can get stadfast faith at lvl 80)

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Thanks for the response.