Bear Shaman: Order of Feats/Specialization (PVE Build)

A question for you experienced Shaman out there.

In terms of feats/specialization, can someone recommend the best order to take those on? For example, which ones should be focused on at each 5 levels? (I’m at L34 and wanted to confirm I’m really focused on the right things).

Than you in advance!

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while both trees have their merits, I think while leveling on BS you should get the energy feat! it will allow you to sprint a whole lot more, and is a very unique feat with its strong teamwide effect.

the thing about bear shaman feats is that you can see there are very many weapon damage % feats. but only once you stack them all and along with a weapon that has stronger base dps (in the higher levels) you’ll really start to feel the effect of them.

so first off get 5 points into balance of nature like this:

now you can argue you’d want to go down to rune of aggression and rune of grounding just at once, but the next key feats are rampage and mutilation deep in the wrath tree, so rather start preparing to be able to get rampage at 50 and mutilation at 60 the second you level up to 50 and 60, because these tiers are locked until then.

after 5/5 in balance of nature (the energy buff), you go all in on Wrath until lvl 46, where you stop like this at lvl 46:

now don’t spend points until you’re level 50, then you can go 5/5 rampage at once, then the rest of the points go into claws of the reaper to prep for mutilation at 60, which is also a very strong power spike, like this:

then finish up both endfeats in wrath like this:

then for the last 10 levels you could do what you like with the points in spirit. you’ll have to respec at 80 anyways as its normal to drop the energy feat for dungeons etc. and some other alternations

I’d start learning how empowered renewal works at this point: so for me it would be like this until 80:

then the level 80 normal dungeon/raid spec is like this: (with one point of choosing for either rune of regrowth, which is a weak heal over time, or 5% critical damage rating in weight of the world)

EDIT: added 80 spec


Thanks very much, Lurvi!

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