Bear with me. I'm sure you're tired of returning player threads

I have played AO off and on over the years like many others. Once SL’s came along, I always found the game a bit overwhelming. So much content, and it was hard to learn it for me.

So I saw the new 2019 server that requires a sub, but it was going back to the roots of the game. I was excited about that. A chance to get in at the ground level again like way back when the game first came out, and learn things as the expansions were released. Unfortunately, I was exactly 1 year late for that. Now the 2019 server is a question in everyone’s mind.

I wanted to try AO again with a fresh start. I honestly preferred the old world. Now it seems that the game is in a state that makes it hard to know what is good to do as a returning “newish” player. I’ve read a lot of threads on the 2019 server. I realize that there are all sorts who post their views, but the overwhelming sense I picked up on was uncertainty about its future, and that it is basically dead now.

So if I roll a new adventurer with that skinny race (forget the name) on the current live server that is not the 2019 one, I have no idea what to expect. It sounds like it’s a ghost town too.

I’m currently unemployed, so I am working hard to find a new job, but while I do that, I need a pressure release valve, and AO seemed like a way to relax and just blow off steam. I don’t really want to pay for a sub if I’m going to log into a ghost town. This game has never been simple, even in its original vanilla form, so being a part of a strong org that doesn’t mind guiding returning players who are way out of touch is about the only way I can see this thing working out.

I don’t really care if I roll Omni or clan. I have zero interest in neutral. Is there hope for a returning player who’s been gone for at least 4 years?

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Hi there. Come join us (froobs) for now. And hop on discord.


The AO that you remember, the one with a large population, no longer exists. AO’s mechanics revolve around teaming/grouping to make meaningful progression. Over the years the population has dwindled and over the years patches have been introduced to address that. There are daily missions that help you get those levels due to a lack of teams or time to play the game. The legacy server isn’t necessarily legacy/RK only content. Over time they have released the various expansions for the server so you aren’t getting vanilla AO. Not to mention that server is a real ghost town. Depending on the time of day you play, you may find people but for the most part, AO is a dead game. In your situation and with the state of AO I would highly advise you not spend money on this game.

You said yourself you have a difficulty learning this game. If you play froob only (free to play character) then you will experience only RK content, no expansions. But you are still going to be in a lowly populated game and even more so with a froob demographic. But no one is stopping you from playing that aspect of the game.

In short, AO is not what it use to be if you are hoping to relive your memories of it.

I was afraid of that. Nostalgia is a fickle thing. You remember the fun from the past, and hope, but yeah, I got the impression it was pointless now.

Hi Grasamo,

I think you should give AO a go.
The game might not be what it was many years ago, in terms of population. But to say its dead is very wrong.
If you are able to play during EU/US primetimes, i feel there is a fine amount of players online. With a very helpful playerbase.

My advice is that you make a froob account, go check out the AO discord, and begin your journey.
If you are having a real good time, and want to expand on it, you can go payed. But dont rush it.

I wish you good luck, on which ever you decide.

While RK19 is a bit of a ghost town and RK5 has seen larger populations, RK5 has a large enough and stable player base.

The biggest hindrance for you as a returning player on RK5 would be the fact that economy is beyond broken and hyper inflation is out of control. The upside of that for you is that with the exception of endgame/title level locked twink gear almost all the gear you’ll need is cheap enough and if you get an org you can just gear up off handmedowns.

Yes, absolutely! RK 2019 can be a ghost town, but the RK server is quite alive. Borealis is the main gathering point, there are always people there.

If you go Omni and join Weyland Yutani you will find it is one of the biggest orgs that has ever existed in AO. Getting an invite is as simple as going to ICC, (where you exit from the Arete n00b yard) and looking in front of the Fair Trade. There are also regular recruiting notices in Omni OOC.

I would suggest you take your time in the Arete Landing n00b yard and do all the stuff there is to do there. You can get one Alien level and the AXP for a second one.

Here’s a good guide to Arete Landing -

-and there’s also a bot that will help. You will see its announcements in Neutral Noobie OOC. You should stay neutral until you are ready to leave Arete. Join Omni as your last step before you depart.

I hope to see you in-game.

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