Rk20 we need this right now

RK19 was a very popular and enjoyable failure, RK20 could be different.

No content or level restriction, allow everyone to do as they please, there is so much to be done, best not take any option from anyone, nostalgia does not last long.

Guaranteed server transfer at end of servers life, impossible to invest so much money and time into something you know will be deleted.

This pandemic is not going to end anytime soon, possibly another year or more, RK20 would be perfect right now.

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pls stop trying split ppl, we have enough lack of players atm and u just want exact copy of live server? whats the sense of that?

Because it was more fun than the entire last 15 years on the live server.

Because it is extremely fun to start over, it breathes life back into the game, a chance for everyone to start on equal footing, for new players to get a real AO experience, for returning players to push themselves and there orgs.

Right now even with an active population enough to push content on the old server, it is still not happening, Omni for first time in a long time started winning at towers, and what did clan do ? they gave up and left, the drive of players is gone, AO is more of a chat channel now, and a toxic one at that, because everyone is bored, they have done everything and have everything, on a new server that is not the case, there is a reason to do absolutely everything.

RK19 did not fail due to a lack of players, but the incentive to play it, launch was a huge success there were so many people playing again, but the approach was off and doomed, content was restricted which meant everyone’s plans where also, AO is to big to restrict and nostalgia wears off extremely fast. And the biggest problem that killed the server, everything you did, achieved and paid for is 100% going to get deleted, you cant ask players on any game to invest all that for nothing at the end of it.

Anarchy Online is a absolutely amazing game, and RK19 was proof it still has potential, maybe not for the masses, but it still has potential for all the people who played it back in the day, and now is a perfect time to make the new RK20, because well the whole world is on lockdown and we need things to do :).

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omni didnt winning in towers becouse they had les numbers then clan had now is the opposite situation when omni have more active players but it doesnt mean that enyone gave up.

for me new start is etremly pain and not fun why shoud i be equal if i play 15 years with someone who play 2 years.

I agree, I haven’t had as much fun in AO as I did on RK19 for a long time. It was super fun for the fist 6-7 months. There’s quite a few things funcom didnt do right this time around that could be remedied. I would have loved to only see one restriction, either level restriction OR expansion restriction.

I would also have loved to see a working GMI from day one, that is the main thing I felt a huge lack off from the getgo. Just un-code the GMI being crossdimensional!

I agree that I would love to see a fresh start again, but I’ll put my idea here that I put on another thread: Have the “Progression Server” be a seasonal thing, kind of like Diablo 3’s seasons, where the server is only up for a certain amount of time, and you have to complete certain goals during the season. If you do, you are rewarded on Live with something like some social armor set, maybe some new pet, whatever it is, it could solve both the problem of “new life” in the game, and also still have a reason to play Live. I don’t know if there’s enough developers to do that, as you would probably still need to do regular AO updates and setup this season server stuff, as the goals may need to change season to season. Though, you could make a few armor sets/items/etc as rewards, and cycle the seasons so it’s kind of automatic, with new rewards being added over time. Just a thought, but I agree RK2019 was some of the most fun I had with AO in awhile, it was great playing the game semi-vanilla and taking on older content at the original pace/difficulty, instead of super-twinked toons soloing everything.

NO thanks! Waste of time…

Fix the exploits, regulate multibox and balance the game … maybe then we can talk.

As Forz said … no need to split the community again, for a server which will most likely end up the same way as RK19 did?

Remember it all became a MB cred farming server to buy cheaper GRACEs to be able to play on a regular server … LOL


let’s do one of these but without the OP armor

No need in multiple servers, community isn’t that big to populate them all.
Plus, make these things live:

  • make is possible only for characters of same titlelevel to fight “inside” tower fields. That will open brand new areas of PvP at towers, and there will be no totally disbalanced fights (207 ganking 165 and so on);
  • announce total credit sink (GMI, character balance, organisation banks and so on) and make city upkeep 0 credits for 3 months after sink. That will help with recovering economics, even tho some hardcore credit farmers (mostly multiboxers) will be pissed hardcore;
  • and keep working on fixing all possible exploits as fast as possible;
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No what we need is Shadowlands for Froobs.