Beastmaster Thralls

Make Beastmaster thralls for the Animal Pens

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What would they do? Just stand and keep an eye on the animals, orrr…?

and speed taming like a taskmaster

Only if they all look like Marc Singer from Beast Master movies?


Ahhh okay. That makes sense. It isn’t a lot, but I suppose it could be a helpful addition.

One could only hope :rofl:

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Because 5 pets in 6hours is not fast enough…Servers are already over populated as it is with these lag zoos. If they change the system to be more thrall like, then i would be behind this.

The beast master thrall could also be programmed to increase the resource yield from adult pets being fed in the pen. Either by speeding up the timer bar progression or by applying a multiplyer to resources spawned.
There isn’t even a need to introduce a new model to do this task … just change the animal pens code so it will accept a taskmaster thrall … they could kneel in front of one of the feed boxes in the pen.


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