Animal Pen - Placeable Thrall


There is a discussion that similar to the Wheel(s) of Pain that the Animal Pen(s) should have a thrall that can work the station to grow pets faster similar to how the wheel breaks thralls faster with a taskmaster.

Suggestions for existing thralls that could work the animal pen would be any taskmaster or any Jhebbal Sag priest.

EDIT: It does not have to be both taskmaster and JS Priest, but at least either the taskmaster or JS Priest.


I would be against this. I appreciate the idea, but on officials it is already to easy to spam hundreds of pets.
You can set up 4 pens, and between raid times do 40 pets a day as a solo. They need to fix a couple of things before they implement a “beast master” thrall.

  1. tweak the time to be comparable to T3 thralls
  2. tweak the feeding requirements when breaking pets to be like thralls
  3. make the tiers larger in HP difference by lowering regulars by 2/3’s, thus making 75% of pets meat shields like t1/t2 thralls. Right now if i wanted i could have 200 pets all over my base by Friday, and render my base area almost unplayable.

I am not opposed to this.

I would also like to have to knock out the babies/pups/whelps the same way that you have to knock out a thrall. It would also slow down the pet grab. Have mom close by to protect and it takes more than one blow to knock them out prior to picking them up for transport to the animal pen.

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Nnnooo I don’t want to club baby animals !!!
I don’t object to fighting their parents but I do not want to hit the puppies, kittens, cubs, calves, shoats, whelps or fawns…


Noooo. Maybe I’m weird, but you put a human in front of me in a video game, and I’m like, meh. Put a cute little baby animal in front of me? And I feel like a monster if I kill it (and actively avoid doing so in Conan Exiles). If there was going to be an alteration, I think it should be like the Immersive Taming mod from Ark where you have to do different tasks to tame the animal.


I’d tell: let growing time for pets be the same with a Thrall - but let there be a better chance to get Greater pet (or another rare pet if we speak about Rocknoses and Spiders), and give a better chance to get anything but Dung from grown-up pets with a Jhebbal Sag priest. Those Priests are a bit useless now 'cause it’s not that easy to get JS religion compared with another religions, but people would fight for them if they could help to get more good pets and more useful production. And for goodness sake MAKE PENS LOCKABLE!!! I’ve got tired of building “stadiums” around giant locked cages.

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I like this idea. And I would like to expand even further with respect to pets being too easy to get and the lag multiple pets cause.
A pet army is cool, but in my opinion a bit OP especially if you take into consideration how MANY pets some players have. And like WhatMightHaveBeen sayd, you can easily get a ton of pets in a short amount of time.
Bring in Beastmaster Thralls but limit the amount of pets per clan. How? I am not sure but I think it would be best for lag.

Maybe the beastmaster can act like an overlord over a pen and a named would give you a full pen where tier 1 would give 2 pets max. I would go so far as to limiting only to 1 pen tier of each per clan ( so 3 pens max ). This would also work better if the types of animals that can be tamed is connected to the type of animal pen. I read somewhere it was like that but they changed it due to people moaning… Well I think it would add a little more strategy to the pet protection army and to the game.
Also, make the pets harvest-able so we can keep trying for those greater versions and have a use for the normal ones seeing that there is a limit to pets.

This will probably not be the most popular opinion but oh well.

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For those that do not like the idea of knocking out pets, how about requiring some sort of snare/trap? To capture thralls you need a truncheon and bindings, why not require the crafting of a pit or snare trap that captures the pets alive?


Yes to a snare trap … that you have to place near to where the baby pets are wandering and bait with an appropriate food so they are attracted to it and change their path to go into the trap.


I remember the day when I was farming hides and my little son enter the room just in the moment I kill a little hyena cup. His face in that moment breaks my heart and I must promise to never kill a baby again…

I like this Idea and then JhebbalSags Lures maybe makes more sense, when they can attract the little babys.

I think that the preferred “natural” diet should be the lure. When I say natural I mean items harvested in the wild - such as plant fiber, respective uncooked shellfish, feral flesh, etc.

EDIT: Maybe using a Jhebbal Sag lure increases the chance that it will be a greater version of the pet.

I would love an arena pen. You can place a fighter vs fighter, pet vs pet, fighter vs pet. And they aggro automatically to fight to the death. And maybe even player vs pet, player vs thrall. For sparring and training. How awesome would that be. And it can be unlocked to allow anyone to place/enter for combat purposes. Only 1 v1, but maybe a T2 and T3, 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 respectively.

Make it so you can hit a spwn point, and it locks it to that player for 30 minutes. Thus you can’t be hijacked or ganked while sparring.

2 slots for the pets/thralls, and 1 spawn point air locked.
If you place 2 pets./thralls in it, they will be in the arena, and fight til death.
If you place 1 thrall/pet, and hit spawn point, door opens and you can enter to fight.
If you die, you re-spawn at the gate airlock and can reenter, or exit. you have 30 minutes per visit, and 30 minute cool off.

Maybe this is how you can level thralls/pets up over time without taking them out to fight. Very Conan movie-esque :slight_smile:

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