Bebot debug error how to fix?

This error pops up during the debug process and I do not know how to go about fixing it. It says the error is in the main.php file > $this < is the issue but I am unsure how.


if (isset($server_list[‘ao’][$dimension])) {
$server = $server_list[‘ao’][$dimension][‘server’];
$port = $server_list[‘ao’][$dimension][‘port’];
$dim = $server_list[‘ao’][$dimension][‘dim’];
$game = “ao”;
elseif (isset($server_list[‘aoc’][$dimension])) {
$server = $server_list[‘aoc’][$dimension][‘server’];
$port = $server_list[‘aoc’][$dimension][‘port’];
$dim = 0;
$game = “aoc”;
else {
die(“Unknown dimension (” . $this->dimension . “)”); - this line

I think you are using a version that is wayyyy outdated.

My first guess is that your serverlist.php does not have the correct server informations. Or you didn’t do the setup correctly.

Ah okay thanks allot mate, I did everything in a guide threat for my version of bebot, read all the “read me txt” and I got rid of a few errors that were shown before but this one seems to be a bit ‘advanced’ for me. Mine seems to be really outdated so I’m in hopes that the creator / owner of the Bebot code will release a working link.

Omg @Bible your version is WAAAYYYY outdated mate !
No wonder it doesn’t work at all.

I’d strongly suggest you use our newest patches
Get it from

We also offer a forum there for issues you may need support about
I’d also strongly suggest you join AOBots Discord (Bebot channel i’m there ^^)

Cya soon in 0.7+ versions :slight_smile:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Hahaha, I sent you a message, sorry for bothering you again! Ok I will join the discord and grab that link… much appreciated.

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You also can use git to pull current latest and easen your future patchings

So, I’m just curious, but I noticed doesn’t work in chrome for me. Opens fine in Firefox though.

Does this happen for anyone else?

Works in both my chrome & ffox here
Didn’t test many versions nor other browser though

Same thing for me.

Same as me, cleared cookies and all

HEY I REMOVED THE HTTP:// and clicked enter again and it worked for me on chrome! hope this helps

It just suddenly started working again for me in Chrome.

lol weird