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Thanx to the help of Ruskebusk from Crom, i now have a testing toon that allows us to test new 0.7.x version (as i’m not an Aoc player, only AO usually).

Some PHP 7+ connection fixes are incoming to solve issues that we’re totally aware of. Please be patient with us :slight_smile:

More news soon at

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Bebot 0.7.1 is released @

For AO, the focus is on updated raid commmands & interface v. 1.1 (new HL Totw included).
For AOC, there are huge patches in connection system & many other warnings solved.
Both games also benefit several core fixes, servers update, mysqli & PHP 7+ support!

Project will continue by preparing 0.7.2 with more org oriented functions for both games.
Thanks for feedback to help us improving it @

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Releasing Bebot 0.7.13 patch with more SQL 8 correction + !items function introduced to AOC ! Get it at

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New Bebot patch 0.7.14 : correcting AOC !items & ignoring AO ai/sl system packet @

Bebot new patch 0.7.15 : solving the 1K friendlist limit. Update @

Bebot now patched 0.7.16 : Various fixes/improvements for both games ; IRC relay improved ; Discord relay added ; Aorefs added to AO/Items … get it @

As i’m an AO player and therefore AoC noob, i need some insider infos to improve the Bot for AoC context.

For example as now we are adding a !bound module to remind what place each toon is linked to.
I’m about of adding the tiers 3->6 dungeons by names i found on available AoC wiki.

But for the !rweapon module that yet offers only tiers 1->3 raid weaponry (lootable and crafter) for all classes, i’m stucked.
I’d need a list of the tiers 4->6 weapon with their class, type, name & database id number.
Couldn’t find any web page listing those, can anyone provide me with such infos ?

Ideally it would be cool to have same kind of module for raid armors too but same problem hits again …

Thanks in advance for help.

I’m not sure how much it’ll help, but there’s info on loot tables (which gives weapons with classes for each tier) in this old forum post. T5/T6 loot tables (
I don’t think there’s a list of class/type/name/ID for those tiers that I know of, but I’m sure someone will be willing to type out all that info :stuck_out_tongue:

Ruske and i extracted some elements from Aoc>TV and MH lookup tool. So this module is near of release state finally.

That said any help is welcomed for this patch and future ones, as again i’m total Aoc noob :slight_smile:

Bebot (big) patch 0.7.17 :
Many modules improved/added for both AO & AoC (& few more bot fixes in various core/modules)
Get it @
3 For AoC
Timeraa Bound Rweapon
2 For both
Recruit TeamSpeak

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Bebot patched 0.7.18
Various fixes, addition of raidhistory, full archive of changelog
Get it at

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Bebot patch 0.7.19 :

  • Both : color/preference/warning/roster/raid/stat improvements, custom multiple relays, Twitch chat compatibilized/improved, PHP 8+ runnability
  • AoC : new specific !attribute module (thanks to Ruskebusk & Meathooks) + few more improvements over various generic modules (!raffle & more)
    Get it at

Where were all these updates when people actually played the game? :man_shrugging::+1::beers::kissing_heart:

Well i can’t tell, as i wasn’t into the Bebot team at that time you mention. Also i guess those times were too early for Twitch and PHP8, which are both pretty recent :slight_smile:

You know, New world is coming out soon. What do you guys think of adding support for that?

I imagine adding support for such a different game, by a different company, would be rather difficult.

I think part of why Bebot works for multiple Funcom games is how the entire chat system is essentially the same between games.

Truly, it is.

Yet through all the Years that passed it looks very difficult to add a ‘‘Looking For Group’’ Channel in AoC like other Funcom Games have who share the exact same Chat System.

Or that’s just what it looks like and what most of us would think… Since adding a New Channel is just creating a simple ‘‘Txt File’’

I would say there is a huge ‘‘Disregard’’ towards AoC from Funcom which is impossible to explain as to ‘‘Why’’

I am also curious why there wasn’t ever a Community attempt for an LFG Channel and a recommendation for everyone to create that 5 minute step Script. Its simpler than installing a UI.

Yup i confirm the reason why Bebot supports 2 Funcom games by now is their chats are pretty similar, appart of major (eg in connection system) downto minor (eg for classes names) differences that can be treated by PHP algorithm.

We have no plan to support anymore game, as maintaining 2 is already a certain challenge :slight_smile:

There is a “Looking for Group” channel in AoC.
But you can’t force people to use chat channels only for what their names say. So it is rarely used.

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I haven’t seen it last time… I propably missed something or confuse myself.

Nvm. I suppose it didn’t became available because it unlocks like Global and on last account i didn’t invest on anything? But that’s still strange. Why don’t people use it? It would be far more practical. What a mess…