Bebot official news

Thanx to the help of Ruskebusk from Crom, i now have a testing toon that allows us to test new 0.7.x version (as i’m not an Aoc player, only AO usually).

Some PHP 7+ connection fixes are incoming to solve issues that we’re totally aware of. Please be patient with us :slight_smile:

More news soon at

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Bebot 0.7.1 is released @

For AO, the focus is on updated raid commmands & interface v. 1.1 (new HL Totw included).
For AOC, there are huge patches in connection system & many other warnings solved.
Both games also benefit several core fixes, servers update, mysqli & PHP 7+ support!

Project will continue by preparing 0.7.2 with more org oriented functions for both games.
Thanks for feedback to help us improving it @

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Releasing Bebot 0.7.13 patch with more SQL 8 correction + !items function introduced to AOC ! Get it at

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New Bebot patch 0.7.14 : correcting AOC !items & ignoring AO ai/sl system packet @