Bed not bound and no owner on items

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[ when I sign into game bed shows ‘not bound’ but with clan ownership. Also some items are now showing ‘no owner’, some chests were locked when it happened and now I can’t open them to get my items. Also the items that now say ‘no owner’ can not be moved or destroyed

hi, welcome to the forums. can you please provide some more information:

  • are you playing on official or private server, are you playing singleplayer?
  • are you in still in a clan?

private server,single player
and in a clan (i’ve taken over ownership of clan after problem started)

Been buggy forever. We play on both official and private.

If you put your bed down and never remove it, it will stay bound.
Once you move it, it will unbound forever.

Same with bedrolls, if you set a bed first, you bedrolls will bind the first time only.

They are all still bound, just does not show it.

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Hello @AlterEgotistical, welcome to the forums!

Our team is already aware of the issue where beds become unintentionally unbound and it’s being investigated.

Regarding the items showing ‘no owner’ problem, has it occurred before you’ve taken over ownership of the clan or after?

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Before, hasn’t happened since. Now that these items show ‘no owner’ I can’t move or destroy them. A couple chests were locked before the issue now the things in them are unretrievable.

@AlterEgotistical perhaps if you destroy tiles or foundations under chests they would go to loot bag. Good luck.

Tried that , now I have a floating chest that I can’t place a floor under.

Just to be clear, were all items placed by you while you were in the clan and before taking ownership?

@AlterEgotistical sorry about that.

Yes, all items were placed by me and before taking ownership. When I started playing I was the sole player, a little while later I invited my son into the game ( both on PS4) my son created the clan. When the issues started I took over ownership of the clan. Some of the items may have existed before the clan was started.

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As far as the created items ( with “no owner”) goes is there an weapon/tool I can admin summon to destroy them. (ps4,private server,single player)

Update: more items have become ’ no owner’ plus some of the chest have been emptied. Coinsendently there was an update today and when I signed off yesterday I had just survived a purge. Is there some weird mechanic that when both occur crap happens. Thinking back to first time ,purge and an update may have both happened.

Not that we’re currently aware of, purges and updates should have no correlation with containers emptying.

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