PS4 Save Fix ... Maybe

PS4 Pro ---- Offline — No Coop

Might want to try this.

When starting the game up, check to see if your bed / bedroll is bound. If it isn’t, bind it with □.

So far, every time I log in, my bed/spawn point is unbound … as long as I bind it, my stuff hasn’t been disappearing and I don’t spawn is the desert or the friggin ice cave.

Hope it works for you! Happy Hunting!

Think a Dev or Com Director will read this?

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I found myself a few good time with an unbound bedroll, but bed is always bound. And I remember the unbound bedroll since the game launched for the PS4, and things used to kind of work back then even with an unbound bedroll.

But who knows, it’s something we need to try, maybe you have a point here.


It’s weird. I do random things like, open and close a door, craft an item or down a boss. When I check my bed, it’s unbound. So, I bind it, log out and back in … just to make a quick save.

To be continued …