It has been a FULL year and Beds and Bedrolls have spawn issue still

Yes, this may sound a little frosty.

One year ago this issue of Beds and Bedrolls un-binding from player was brought up here in the Forums. Now, we are on an RP server. Where we die, we drop everything. End up in Desert. Items in volcano. Now you dont drop you LOSE it all. Unable to get there fast enough to get it. Please could you “really” look into this issue.

I find it weird that it is only picking certain people for this bug. One would think every player in the game would have it. I only have it on this server. Hundreds of others do not have it. Yet many do. Yes, I have reinstalled, verified, and done all the pre-post issues I can think of doing. Not one to post over each little thing, as I know from experience that you DO work hard to please the community.

This bug is a very QOL changer. Not at all fun to play when it is doing this. Last RP server I did not have this issue, others did. I thought it was their game etc. Now I know its not just them. This is the first time for me having it. Now have 4,083 hours played. Have only had this in the last 35 hours or so. Sorry its long winded, just trying to get this right for you. Yes, there are mods on the server. Some are the same as last server and some different.

Thank you very much,

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What spawn issue?

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I still have no clue, what he is even talking about…

My guess: Sometimes you dont respawn with your loot at bed/bedroll, even when the server is set to “not drop loot at death”.

Hi, and let me just say, I’m sorry for your loss of equipment and playtime. Whenever you log in, will you please remember to check your map for the bed and bedroll icons? This will be very helpful for future feedback.

My experience has been slightly different. I have found that although my bed or bedroll says unbound, it is only a cosmetic glitch. This has happened to me sporadically since the Warmaker Update, back in June. I have never had a broken spawn, though.


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The issue is this. The server is set to drop all on death. There are now numerous players who get the abilitly to choose Bed or Bedroll. Click on Bed, end up in desert. Next time click on Bedroll, end up in Desert. Replace Bedroll to new location. Remove bracelet to test. Click on Bedroll and put to Bed or Desert.

There is no rhyme or reason to this. It is cropping up more and more.

Now, it could be mods conflicting for sure. Or it is a new issue, different from old issue.

Best as I can describe it. Frustrating. Just wondering if others have this issue at all or not. Thinking of those who are NOT running mods actually. Like I stated. I have now over 4100 hours played and this is a NEW issue for me and others. The others are also saying they did not have this issue ever before.

In these forums I have read that some people had this issue a year ago and such. Just wondering if Funcom did fix it, or is it resurfacing due to mods or something else.

Sorry if my sentence structure is not to people’s liking. Never have been any good with writing or knowing how to put things in a format you can read. I hope this is better tho. Thank you for your replies.


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Hey Nigelmorbid,

The best way to test this would be to remove the mods from your game/server and then see if the bug happens consistently.

To me it sounds like there’s some mod interference, as this issue hasn’t been brought up again recently (to my knowledge at least, I could be wrong, of course).

If something is blocking your spawn point then you’d get an error message saying so when you respawn.

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