Chests and beds bugged

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: europe

The chests are bugged and unlocked every day when you log in to the server.
The beds are bugged and lose the link with the player over time

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.every day when you connect, the unlocked chests appear
2.the beds lose the bond with time while you play

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For the second bug you list - I (and Roro4066) reported in the PC bug section that upon server reset our bed and bedroll we are bound says it is not bound to our character.

I tested where I would spawn if I died when the bed I know I was bound to said it was not bound to me when I looked at it… I respawned at that bed … even though before and after it did not say I was bound there.

So have you tried dying and see if you spawn at the bed which says you are not bound to? Or do you have a different bug from us and can’t spawn there? (Obviously do this naked so you don’t have retrieve anything from your corpse.)

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Hey there @Carlospspc

As @Kwalya, we’re aware of the issue on PC but it seems to be only visual.
Regarding the chest lock problem, our PC players also reported about it and our team is working on a fix. It should be released soon as a part of an upcoming hotfix.
Thanks for your feedback.

Regarding the problem of the bed, sometimes i respawn in the desert

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In Offline, I’ve had bed/bedroll desync. (wont be on map) and if i die, I only have desert to respawn at.

If I go and click bed or bedroll, it updates and works again. Mostly been bedroll for me, I tend leave it in odd spots…

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