Some items say: No owner

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: EU

Downloaded the update, played for a while, all was fine.

Stopped, came back a little later only to find the some of my items said NO OWNER.

So cant do nothing with them or atleast can’t remove them. So now what???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

This happened to me, earlier, as well.

I destroyed the floors beneath the things so they would disappear and then made them again, now they have a owner :grin:

How were you able to destroy built pieces that had no ownership? It’s something we might need to do soon in single player as well :rofl:

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How did you break the pieces, I have a gateway that I cannot put a door on because it says im not the owner. the foundation says the same thing so I guess the castle is stuck without a gate.

Like i said i destroyed the floors the pieces where on and they just disappeared. Tho it took like 4-5 tries before they where gone, but i guess you have to be owner :roll_eyes: it looked like i had place them a few times on the same spot for some strange reason. And for me it worked with chest, cupboards. Dont know about doors and gateways. @DarthRamos i think you can break the surrounding foundations so the ones next to them break also, if they have a owner. But i am not a 100% sure about that.

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