Bed Rolls Inside Of Claimed Areas

Before anyone freaks out. I’m suggesting this be a server toggleable feature that is off by default. The idea is more for RP servers.

The idea is to be able to place a bedroll inside of a claimed area OR to be able to use a bed that has already been placed in the area. This would allow someone running something like a tavern, outpost, hunting shack or whatever people can respawn inside it rather then placing it 100 feet away in a bush.


This could be a useful idea for clans too, basically a communal bedroll for the whole clan, or for allied clans.

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Haha I’m on an official PvE server and this already happens.

A base just north of me decayed like say 6 months ago. Just recently like a month ago I expanded over to that land. In the grass is a fibre bedroll belonging to that old clan. I didn’t even notice it until I found I couldn’t place foundation down in that one spot. I’ve surrounded it with foundations and the bedroll remains.

I haven’t seen this clan on in months. But the bedroll remains

It’s actually taken on my decay timer so it’s like the bedroll belongs to me. Except I can’t interact with it.

Hovering over it with repair hammer shows it belonging to that old clan but has my decay timer on it.

I haven’t bothered mentioning it. I’ll just build around it

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