Multiple beds to choose from for respawn + maproom extra functionality


Maybe it is just me but in Ark I used to have multiple beds for teleportation (naked one unfortunately cuz only allowed that)


(EDIT: VERY IMPORTANT: please if no multiple beds possible remove the option for auto activate the last bed placed. It is fine with the bedroll. not so good on beds because I have to reset my wanted spawn location every time when I put down a decoration bed in the city we building. or else if I forgot to set up the correct one again and die I wake up in a guest house… strange feeling :smiley: )

In connan exiles since some patch ago we can choose bed/bedroll/desert as where to spawn after death.
So I guess wouldn’t be too hard to implement a multiple beds system where we can have beds in every base of ours (PVE) that way we would have an easier time to choose the closest one to our death location or even for a naked teleportation from base to base.

Speaking of teleportation…
How about a maproom to maproom full inventory teleportation option? (for self/clan owned maprooms)
It would work just like the maproom to obelisk thing, but in between owned maprooms.


That came up on the server I play on tonight. Every one wished the beds worked like Arks system. Better yet being able to port from map room to map room would be real useful.

But it would cause issues on the PvP servers and those are the people that seem to get listened to over the Pve crowd.


Then allow these only on PVE. PVP-ers are nuts anyways :smiley:


yep, tired of the PVP influence on PVE mechanics, a teleportation option from base to base is indeed needed.


There WAS a mod to do this, but it has not been updated since release. =(