Best blessings for DPS conq

So far from what I have seen, combat rating is the best stat, however what would be the best blessings? Steel and what else? I honestly can’t figure it out…

Armor penetration or offhand rating. Or minus hate since you never want to draw agro :sunglasses: I would also think more than 1% crit rating is better than the minor 225 CR. Pure dps wise i would make my bet on armor penetration and offhand beeing the strongest. Steel is good if you tanking, so…

Carnage conq doesn’t need offhand rating. I’d go for hate decrease and crit dmg rating or armor penetration.

And conq tank?

Crawling Mist for +60 Hate and Steel Behemoth for more Crit Mitigation, though you can skip Behemoth if you already have good tanking gear in most cases (not sure if this blessing is needed for T6).

It’s not needed in t6 (it obviously helps) , but considering it’s the only useful blessing you can stack to 4 with weapons it’s the only one worth going for probably (Steel Behemoth). Crit Dmg Rating is the 2nd best option probably.

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Is offhand rating capped? No or? So as long as you smaller 100% you gain from it. Plus black p. Gem scales badly especially if you have exile rune running

I am basically never in carnage so I actually dont know 100% for sure but yeah I think you reach like 100% in carnage

plus hate if you’re tanking
negative hate if you’re dpsing

Only 2 blessings you should care about (and you can’t have them on the same gem for obvious reasons), sorry, it really is that simple.

Unimportant ones. crit damage/armor pen are much of a muchness for a tiny bit extra dps. and steel behemoth isn’t bad for hard htiting bosses that crit, but there’s hardly any of those in the game.

conqs don’t need more offhand so forget about that one.

For a dps conq pen or crit better?

I’d lean towards crit damage but there isn’t going to be a particularly noticeable difference either way.

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