Best combo in your squad?


ah, they Will actually attack the one you controll? That actually sounds really useful. I Will definitley give him a go. I think this would very useful at the horned devils lair. I wiped there yesterday.


Yup. I used it at the Lux fight to MC a guy right in the thick of it. He was able to get some shots in and all the bad guys concentrated on him instead of bum rushing me. Then when he died, I did the same thing to the very annoying Pyro that would have otherwise been firebombing me from far away with 100% accuracy.


I tend to choose Tanks as the targets for mind control. Less chance of success but greater rewards, can soak up plenty of shots before they die and you can use them to knock another enemy unconscious!


I must be the unlucky one because I have seen Puppet Master fail several times and i usually end up having to reload when it does. I have been mostly using Bormin, Magnus, and Farrow however I am about to make a change and drop Mags.


It just failed with me last night on the very last Tank in the game. Turned a grand plan into a colossal farce, with players running and medkiting downed players, taking a shot and then another either they or the other player getting downed again. Repeat. I think I revived characters like 4 times and ended with the final stalker standing (Magnus, even) having 2 health left as he took the final shot on the tank who only had him left as a target.

So I can very much sympathize with you about Puppet Master failures leading to a reload.


I have to disagree as Gunslinger makes Farrow the strongest mutant in the game. If you have high ground and toss in a chem flare you can get 100% hit and 100% crit on 3 enemies. Using a level 3 Mimir PC98 with a +2 crit mod does 18 damage to each target. Chew on that Bormin.


I use Dux, Magnus and Farrow for easy Silent Assassin take downs. Sometimes I’ll swap in Selma or Bormin for silent Twitch Shots. For groups of two or more I use the strongest, Farrow>Selma>Bormin. Magnus is the weakest but is good for his Puppeteer skill. Dux is alright only due to Alpinist giving him 100% crit from high ground. Bormin comes up 3rd only because he can’t get guaranteed crits, although he does have the best set of mutations. Selma just edges into 2nd because Alpinist + Twitch Shot. And Farrow is top dog(fox) due to her 100% crit Gunslinger.


I Use Magnus, Dux, And Farrow. I like to start a fight by hitting the target with duxs ability that prevents them from moving in case they dont get the target on that first turn they are still out in the open unable to take cover for round two. I like to hit them with magnus second since he tends to have high crits and finish with farrow up close so shes closer to the next enemy.

Another favorit tactic is to weaken a cpl of enemies with farrow and dux then use magnus puppeteer ability on a nearby melee and let the melee fish those off while i go on to focus on other targets. :slight_smile:


can you get twitch shot’s accuracy up? I have found if an attack isn’t 100%, it’s got a high chance to miss. even the 75% chance shots miss a lot so I tend to ambush and kill something in a turn with silenced weapons, all with 10% chance hit shots to make sure it dies.

I unlocked this skill on the boar-dude, but I’ve been scared to use it due to chance to miss nd also usually the other 2 guys kill stuff in ambushes. I mainly use the pig for ramming dudes if they will take more than one turn to kill. (run and gun + ram and then you can still shoot as well. it’s pretty nice)


My strongest three team that is used for going loud:
Bormin with Hog Rush or Corpse Eater and twitch shot, equip with anti-knock down armor.
If anti-knock down armor, he can handle a tank for a short moment.
Selma with Tree hugger and twitch shot. With two characters having twitch shots, they can product four shots or 4x damage in a turn. If you focus on an enemy with all the firepower, it should enough to destroy a single enemies within one or two turns.
Magnus, Puppeteer. If you want 100% success rate, target weaker melee enemies. Success rate for controlling Hunter or Pyro is 75%. Controlling a tank is 50%. Once you can control an enemy, you can use it to create a distraction and avoid enemy attacking your team.

Farrow with Corpse Eater and anti-knock down armor is not bad. She can also survive in the battlefield or against tank as long as there are Corpse nearby.


I know it’s too late. But best combo? Here’s mine.


All 3 of them has a skill that doubles crit chance when hidden. To have a greater damage, add an attachment that gives +2 crit damage and 15% crit chance to make sure. Except for farrow, give her 30% range instead and +2 crit damage. If you have progressed enough in the game, you’ll eventually get the +1 damage by trading artifact. Total damage 30 if critical.

Also, you can put down MiMir and Bots easily since +2 crit damage are mostly EMP.

Guns Blazin’ Combo:
Selma or Dux

I always equip the Hog Rush skill of Bormin. Makes it easy to kill Psychic. I use Magnus puppeteer skill to take control weaker enemies. FYI, you can easily takeout a tank if you use puppeteer at a Ghoul or any other enemy and move it near the Tank. Tank will target the closest enemy, saving you life and Tank loses a turn. Plus if you’re lucky Tank will knockout the enemy you puppeteered and he’ll focus his attack on it. Selma’s Tree Hugger skill will come in handy in situations where enemies are concentrated. Immobalize then hit them with everything you got. I equipped Selma with a Long Scope Rifle. Plus HAND GRENADES.

I’ve been doing this strategy and so far the combo hasn’t let me down yet. Maybe the build needs a little tweak. But choose your own Combo. It’s your game anyway. Just sharin’. ALSO IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MY ARMOR TELL ME.


Sorry I’m late, lol. I just got into this game about a week ago. So far I’m finding that Dux for long range/medbot disabling, Farrow for sneaking in up close and initiate ambushes, and Magnus for mind control/mid range is working out well.
I each one has a silenced weapon at a decent level and I have Farrow using the ability to eat corpses for health. I feel like I should play around with Bormin more from what I’m reading.
Happy gaming!

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I geared toward synergy builds and formed squads based on my surgically aggressive style of approach. Mainly lazy pummeling after surprise sniping and occasional puppeteering. I literally took down fortresses full of foes this way.

Some of the characters’ skill visuals could have been designed distinct from each other though. A reason why some of the characters got benched in my gameplay was due this very reason. In other words, I’m fine with skill sharing, but it needs to take the different personalities and elements into account.