Noobie mutant with 6 gameplay questions

Okay I am pretty new to this game and while I am liking it a lot I struggle with a lot of issues. I am new to tactical games at well so bear with me if I ask silly things ok : )

These are my questions:

  1. I have bought several mutations which never show up on the HUD. So how can I use Dux’ knee shot, Bormin’s twitch shot etc? Do I need to select them in the Inventory beforehand and if so, how? Can you swap mutations?
  2. if Magus uses Puppeteer on an enemy, why can’t we shoot him? or can we?
  3. I have a backpack full of artifacts (far looker, iPod etc) but it gives me 0 artifact points to spend in the pub. How’s this?
  4. how do I use Run & Gun? I can selected it, but I never get an extra action after 2 action points are used.
  5. How do Dux’ Moth Wings work? sometimes I can fly or hover, most of the times i can’t.
  6. if I throw a smoke grenade, I see no smoke. But is is there, as it blocked my line of sight to enemies when I want to shoot them.

thank you!

You do indeed need to switch mutationss, in the inventory screen if you just click the applicable mutation, so for Borman I believe it’s the Run and Gun? It’ll show you what you can switch to from that mutation category.

You can’t shoot the MC’d enemy because the game registers him as part of your squad while he is MC’d this is possibly also why puppeteer messes up a No squad deaths run.

The artifacts thing could be that you already spent them, they still stay in your backpack or it could be a bug.

When you use run and gun you basically get to move twice and then do something, I’m not sure about grenade or shooting usage because I rarely use it, but I am of the belief right now that it’s just for running far and shooting, or running, reloading and shooting. Basically it gives you 3 action points but anything that would end your turn still does (maybe?).

Dux wings allow you to fly up one or two layers in a 3x3 space above him (as long as there isn’t something blocking the spots), if you are already flying then he can only go up higher.

That sounds like a bug, maybe a graphics issue? You should post a bug thread about it.

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  1. You can only equip one mutation of each type - the shape of the icon of a mutation indicates its type (circle for passive, square for minor and diamond for major). You can swape mutations in equip ui.

  2. You cannot shoot them, but you can grenade them. You can utilize the fall damage with grenade.

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