Mutation skills outside combat

I find a bit weird, and definetely immersion breaking, that skills like moth wings, corpse eater, frog jump and super tendons can’t be used outside of combat. I’ve no idea of how difficult it would be technically to implement it but this limitation and the fact that one can’t sell items are my only two complaints in a otherwise fantastic game.


Yeah, I dont understand why trading items is impossible. Doesnt make so much sense.

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Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: I will report this back to the dev team.


I second this , being able to fly or jump up when out of combat will help with set-up.

On the hardest setting you kind of have to get people set up beforehand and cannot waste as move turn.

Yes spec needed on corper eater, spec on hard level when its no time to eate in combat. Spec when most battles is one mob att the time.

You accurately can exploit ambush to use mutant skill outside combat.
I tried to start ambush, jump Selma to high ground, exit combat and then switch Selma’s passive to exploit the low cover.
Haven’t tried ambush to corpse eater yet, but I think it works. Ambush -> eat someone killed before without alerting the current ones.

But if its possible to exploit why not just make it possible outside combat?

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Cant eat when the corps disepare after combat. And you still need some mob Close to enter combat anyway…

If so, switch map after silent killing soft targets would be a good tactics (exploit) against medic robots :wink:

Yes sure one can exploit and find ways around, I did something like that to reach a top floor with frog legs (a ‘sectopod’ had destroyed the access in a previous scuffle), but I don’t play that way nor I like it. Of course nothing wrong with it, just not my thing. The fact that mutations work only in combat is immersion breaking, finding a way to exploit mechanics breaks immersion as well see what I mean? For instance if in a conversation between them Magnus, or the elder in his shack, explained that mutation ‘triggered’ only in when the blood was high in combat then fine, I would simply not spend points on these semi-useless mutation and that’s it. It’s just my stile of playing videogames, I’m the kind who allowed my shep to switch armor only on the Normandy cause it’s silly that in the middle of a mission one finds and fits a new armor suit in 0,1 seconds… :slight_smile:

Magnus accurately has a skill that intended to be used that way. The one lets him sneak across enemies alert radius like a cat.
But it’s not useful for sure, as it’s not reliable.

Magnus with his mind control skill doesn’t really need anything else… In my next playtrough I’ll have to leave him home as using him trivialized most battles. I didn’t even try the ‘sneak’ mutation but I think you’re right, I can’t see it being anything but extremely situational. I wonder if the devs meant to have these skills work outside combat and just didn’t implement it for time constraint reasons.

What exactly do you mean by that? If you remove a weapon/armor/grenade, it is available for another character to equip immediately.

Edit: After reading another thread, I’m guessing you mean selling items you don’t want in the shop for scrap so you can buy other items. I agree on that one. The devs replied in another thread with

its a part to the expantions, same whit the diferets typ of scrap you find on the map that in this build just become simple scrap.