How does corpse eater work

7 points in this and it has no function, standing over piles of corpses with 1 health and nothing, please don’t say this only works in combat as that would be silly

It only works in combat. Same as all other mutations, you can’t use wings or leap to move around while in explorer mode.


Yeah, this mechanic is one of the worst skills in game exactly because of this. If you could use the ability out of combat it would be wonderful, otherwise…

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I hope they will consider letting us activate some mutations outside of combat, even if it means locking after use.

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I would say it’s far from bad, it’s a free medkit and it’s situational just as all the mutations. Eat doesn’t cost action points to use (the cost will be the movement cost to get to the corpse). Most enemies take cover so you can use it to move to a cover and regain HP.

Some maps have several patrols nearby. You can kill a single target patrol, then when another target is reasonable close, start ambush, eat corpse and then move in for the silent kill.

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Thanks for the tip Freche!

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Looks like I was mistaken, it costs 1 AP even if you don’t move. But a standard move is included in the 1 AP cost if you need to move to the corpse.

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You can also try leaving Borman back next to a corpse while you take another character over to an enemy and initiate combat, eat corpse, then exit combat. I haven’t tried, but it should work. You’ll be able to eat a corpse and regroup without having to fight anyone as long as you remain undetected. A bit cheesy tho I guess.

Thanks for answers, seems silly to have to game the system to use a skill that clearly is suited more to out of combat but each to own, just one to avoid.

You basically can although its a little funky. Just “ambush” another mob and then go eat a corpse from the last fight.

Also the ability shares a slot with Hog Rush which almost makes it dead on its own

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