Bormin cant add a 3rd mutation in inventory even though I have 4 unlocked

So I have unlocked 4 mutations for Bormin that can be activated corpse eater, run n gun, hog rush and twitch shot however when I go to the inventory screen It won’t let me choose a 3rd mutation it says not available in that slot. So is this a bug or can each mutation only be assigned to a specific mutation slot since when I choose a mutation slot to switch between unlocked mutations only one of my unassigned mutations is available to switch for each slot not both.

You can only use a major a minor and a passive. Bormin gets his passive abilities late.

What SchizoSchaf said. You can only have one mutation per type (Major, Minor, Passive) activated at once and Bormin’s passive ability is unlocked later in the game :slight_smile:

Thanks for help I figured it was something like that

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