How to change/cycle mutant powers?

I have progressed far enough into the game where Borman has Run and Gun, Hog Rush, and Twitch Shot. But only two of them display at any time.

How to do change what mutant powers are available to Borman since I have purchased all 3. Is there a key to cycle mutant powers? What if I want to have Hog Rush and Twitch Shot instead of my current Run and Gun and Hog Rush?

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On the Inventory Screen, click on the power you want to change, and it will bring up a list of powers you can swap with.

However, something I wish I had known/realised before I wasted points, you can only have 1 of each type equipped
Major Mutation : Hexagon
Minor Mutation: Square
Passive Mutation: Circle

It seems obvious to me now, but when I was first spending points, I figured just get the 3 quickest, but I ended up with 2 mutations in 1 category, 1 in another and the last empty, and couldn’t see why I did not have 3 equipped. A complete rookie mistake.

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