Circuit breaker not working

I have the circuit breaker skill unlocked
but I don’t see how to make use of it
it doesn’t show up as a skill when firing on an enemy
shooting a healing droid with either the crossbow or a rifle doesn’t do anything
this feels to me like a bug
imgur com /a/nxd43do

I can’t see the image but do you have the ability picked in your inventory screen? It’s a minor ability and if you still have Skull Splitter slotted then you won’t see Circuit Breaker

Yeah, I saw in one of the videos that you can switch between mutations and even so I didn’t find that intuitive at all. By default I went to the squad screen and there the UI elements for the mutations look exactly the same as they do in the inventory screen, difference being that in the inventory screen they are interactive, but you can only notice that on mouse over.

I think this confusion could be solved by having a “change mutations” button in the squad screen, next to their icons