Telekenetic shield any good?

I just got magnus. I was gonna go for his other first ability, but it’s the same kind as his next unlock so would it make more sense to go for the shield so I have 2 skills right away.

I actually like the sound of the dodge move a lot though. Right now though I tend to pick off enemies one at a time so I don’t have much use for running through overwatch. I know this ability was great in xcom though on shotgun users as you could run at them and negate all the overwatches, then blast them in the face twice with another perk.

I know I will be able to unlock most of the mutations anyway as I’m mostly leaving the stat increases alone to the right of the mutations. Just wondering if anyone has any preference on which of his first 2 skills to go for, please?


still not sure what to take on him so just not used him yet. I did get a 2nd cross bow now though so I’m going to start getting him ready.

I think it will be counter productive to start upgrading his crossbow though when my other 2 guys have level 2 weapons and the duck has a leve, 3. would make more sense to max out the other 2 silenced weapons first really. I can always switch the weapons around if I want to use him.

I got the bullet shield, 25% proc isn’t so hot but more might get OP. It’s procced one or two times and it looks and sounds cool, no damage gets through buuuuut of course it’s not like it’s anything you can rely on.