Combat mechanics

Have been playing for a couple of hours and must say I really like the game. Though there are some frustration that drives me up the wall.

Especially in combat for me I find enemies able to fire and hit more often than when I do.
Like if I’m on the ground floor with my squad and enemy is the floor above, they always seem to be able to fire and hit me even if there is no openings between floors. This is frustrating when they are owerwatching and each time I move they shoot and hit me.
Though I have no line of sight in the same and can’t do anything with it.

For me also overwatching seems to need a bit of tuning. I have tried it alot, and have come to the conclusion it’s almost never advantageous to activate. This because it very seldom seem to hit when enemies comes rushing in. For me it does not seem that distance plays much into if there is hits or misses (only my experience, might have been extremely unlucky).

There are also often placement bugs where I’m standing next to enemies, and have below 25% hit chance. This have happened a couple of times.

On Dux I have also enabled Circuit breaker mutation, though on the combat screen this ability does not show up. On my screen I have only Skull splitter and Moth wings (8 and 9). Should not circuit break appear there also?

Hopefully these things get sorted out, great game though.

I have a question related to this and since I can’t start new posts yet, I’ll have to ask here.

Once combat starts, is there a way to end it? I managed a stealth kill, no one has been seen and I’d like to end combat but I can’t. I tried leaving the area but I need to climb a ladder and it can’t be done in combat.

Each toon can only have one major, one minor an done passive skill active at a time. So for the boar you can’t have run and gun and twitch shot…
For dux you need to select the skills you want him to have active in the inventory screen

Lerun cover mechanics are pretty strong here and in some cases you can’t hit someone overwatching(get LoS) as they are behind cover and there is no chance at hitting on other hand they can move out of cover to shoot. Again there is a lot to covers and lines if there is covers on the way NPC will try to go by them so your chance will get reduced. It’s more of an observation but it could be play tested with clearing field with grenade and going into OW.

Notavampyre111 usually it’s “F”. But if you did engaged and get a kill it should end automatically. But if still have combat was a Zone Dog? They often aggro a whole pack on a map, but don’t exactly come to combat, seen that with Mother Zone Dog on Metal Fields. And that is probably a bug, find that dog kill it and combat will end

It was the camp after we pick up the girl. To get there, there are 2 ladders to climb up. There’s a shaman with 4 friends. I managed to kill a straggler and want to disengage so I can pick off another one. It’s hard because they are level 10 and my guys are 8 I think.

The constant missing at 75% is no help either. Who ever shoots first hits then the bext one will miss., every time.

I just did a ironman and hard difficulty. Went kind of fine until a shaman managed to call some more ppl in.

What frustrated me was one of these equipped with a pistol shot at me from half the map away and manages to score a hit. One would think that enemies would operate with the same restrictions when it comes to weapon distance limitations.

Hammon’s Cabin… There is two dogs in a woods, across the road they probably heard you but never came…
As I did mentioned few times on a forums such game have conditional hit percent you need to change conditions to score a hit in this situations.

I’ve finished on very hard this night. (No ironmode don’t like it for conditional chances). You just have to manage through start hard is an easy pie =P