Everybody's thoughts on next DLC?

So I’ve just finished the first dlc which I really enjoyed, because i really love the game, and the new character was exactly what I wanted. But I still need more…

As I absolutely adore the world I have been reading the books with the tabletop game and keep seeing interesting material. So what would everybody like to see in a future dlc? At the moment I’m thinking about an XCOM 2: War of the Chosen type dlc with different factions, all with storylines, and all give you characters (I want lots of characters).

Can’t stop thinking about mutants…


Like I said, I just want more mutants. So meet Bogart the Warrior Bear.

Mutation Type Description
Predator Minor Run towards the enemy slashing them with your claws, dealing damage and causing bleed effect.
Stonewall Minor Defend against close combat attacks for the next turn.
Boulder Throw Major Pull up the earth and throw a giant rock at the enemy, knocking them back. Upgrades to add a 2 turn stun effect.
Bodyguard Passive If someone is about to take damage near you, dive in front of them to take the hit.
Magnet Minor Attract metal towards you and plant it in the ground to take cover behind. Upgrades to full cover.
Never Surrender Passive When health reaches zero, you can get back on your feet immediately with 1 health. No effect against critical hits.
Dominate Major Control another animal for 2 turns. Or cast doubt on a human for 2 turns.
Bear Smash Major Knocks back enemies 5 tiles. Knocks out enemies for 2 turns.
Health Booster Stat +1/2/3 health.
Thick Fur Stat +1/2 armor.