Future plans for IP?


First of all, I would like to say thank you for giving us a great game. I have never played anything similiar, but i really like the formula, a mix of stealth games and X-COM like strategy. Refreshing and relaxing :wink:
Yeasterday I have finished the main campaign, today I’m starting Seeds of Evil. I get really involved into this game so I wonder about the future.
Yes, I know that Seeds of Evil were published two months ago, so you need some time to develop new content, but maybe you can share some informations about your plans with Mutant?
I belive I’m not the only person willing to spend much more time in game!

PS: Whatever you’r plans are, do not suspend a storytelling with comix-like arts! They are fantastic, I would like to see some of them on my wallpaper on PC :wink: