Best Mods for a returning player in 2021?

  1. Best mods for a retuning player in 2021?

  2. Cosmetics are account-bound, right?

  1. Depends on what role your character plays (dps, heal, tank), and which content you tend to run.

  2. Depends on the item.

I just want to focus on the story from beginning to end.

For mods I want to be able to:

  1. Save outfits

  2. Resize the chat log text (Large isn’t big enough for my screen)

  3. Be able to scale and move any part of the UI wherever I want (for example, I can resize the Quest Tracker to 200%, but it pushes some of the text out of the screen)

  1. Any of the dressing room mods can do that but I’m not familiar with them.

  2. That is floating around if you search for it on the forum under the modding tag.

  3. You can already reposition everything. If something goes off screen just pull it back, it should re-snap to the edge when you drag it if it went over.

Chat font size:

UI Elements you want to resize:


Boobuilds saves outfits, doesn’t it? I think I saved some on there.

Boobuilds does save outfits, yes, it can also save sprints and pets linked to those outfits. Obviously it saves builds too, it can also save outfits with builds.