Best way to level up archers, dancers and bearers at PvE?


So for defense purposes, which archer can/would you recommend?

As they are not so strong and I mostly use Warmaker and Wine Cellar to level, I guess I need some other methods. At least for dancers…

Also should I even level up RHTS/Lissa and the other female archer and the ones from Volcano or are lower faction a better choice?

For bearers I will wait for the T4/named fix, as they are for sure broken… you can one-hit kill them and knocking out is also quite fast.

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You can kill birds and gorilla in jungle or rocknoses at brimstone lac. Then they can hit level 10 fast. Use T3 bearers :slight_smile:

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Ah. Yeah… the Grey rocknoses. I still have some animals for mass transportation… :wink:

RHTSA i use, take them to lvl 5 at rocknoses right outside sinkhole.

Same with the rest to lvl 5, after that, frost temple runs.

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The Jungle grey apes are a good way to level thralls.


RHuTS Archers, put then in strength armor and give them a 2-handed weapon. You can still boost Accuracy, doesn’t matter how they’re equipped while leveling. Even a 0 does fine against the frost giants, just bring healing arrows.


With a good armor set and weapon I found giants and mammoths are pretty quick.

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For defense purposes, get a Giant. I have been the archer road, building nice walls for them etc. Its easier to get then Black Yetti, fun to watch, at lvl 10 can defend a spot for all time [PvE].

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I should have some black yeti in a fridge… Will probably level up some animals and/or archers this weekend.

What I like about animals/pets in general, is that their AI is not complete bonkers. U post a thrall, and after each defence he moves his guard position to place where he fought, so u have to reposition them often. Also thralls gets stuck on terrain quite often.
Pets on the other hand return always to original post, dont get stuck on terrain, are easier to obtain

I have been using the legion warrior skeletons by the black keep. Then when they are dead I go over to the mounds of the dead and kill the wraiths. Both give good experience while being easy to kill for pets and weaker thralls.

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I’ve also noticed t4 bearers are quite weak. I was grinding levels in the unnamed city and my bearer was doing less damage than me.

As far as archers I like the relic hunter treasure seekers in the unnamed city as relic hunters seem to favor accuracy. Even my Seeker Iris t4 fighter ended up with more accuracy than strength.

What weapons do you all give you archers while leveling?

I’ll assume you will have them tanking while you support.

I give my thralls ajas bane (1-h mace) or act of violence (1-h axe).

Thralls seem to do the best with these types of weapons because they have good hyperarmor and tend to get off more attacks.

Other thing you can use are croms hammer (2-h hammer) sword of crom (2-h sword) and thags scythe (2-h axe) if you have them. I don’t usually give them two-handed weapons because my thralls love to kick stuff. I used to use worldbreaker (2-h hammer) and annihilator (2-h sword) but they don’t seem to be as good anymore (correct me if I’m wrong).

Just give them a good end game weapon with master weapon fitting and keep them stocked with food. Even gruel makes it hard to kill a thrall.

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I agree, past 150 game hours I observe thralls perform best with two handed weapons. The hyper armor and weapons animations make the quite resistable to bosses and knock down effects.

I try not to give archers close combat weapons, they dont have HP or armor for close combat, and they try to switch weapons often, messing up their attack. IF u absolutely want to give them a CC weapon, daggers [sometimes they leap back, and that makes them to draw bow again]

Apparently the two-handed axe has great I frames and hyperarmor. Unfortunately, as far as I know, the only good one drops from the wine cellar boss at about 1%. The weapons from the warmakers dungeon are pretty good and easy to get though.

I try not to confuse my thralls when leveling so I will only give them one weapon and some food. Stack armor for strength (I use pict warchief heavy from wild frontier dlc with bulk plating). Even crappy bearers can handle most enemies if set up right with good support.

Once they are leveled the equip the bows and accuracy or vitality armor. Keep in mind that each thrall has a different multiplier for melee and ranged damage. The best t4 purge fighters do roughly the same ranged damage as the crappiest archers from the river and vice versa.

I think the easiest way is farming the skeletons / zombies in the unnamed city. They are easy to kill, give lots of EXP (18.000 I think) and there are plenty of them everywhere.

Very true

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