Better beehives (improved farming)


Some ideas, how to improve the beehive mechanics:

Basic ideas

  • Beehives should be organized like animal pens with some slots for bees and other slots for input and output.
  • Bees should not be “consumed” by the process of honey making but may have a life span. Queens should have a much longer life span than workers.
  • Honey should only be produced, if there is at least 1 queen and 1 worker. Adding more worker will increase the production speed.
  • Some inputs like water, plants or even honey could increase the life span of the bees or the production speed of honey but should not be essential since bees can usually find those nutritions in the surroundings as well.

Advanced ideas

  • Using some plants as input could result in a different (higher tier) sort of honey.
  • Drones (male bees) can be found while harvesting plants (rather rarely). If you put a drone into a beehive, the queen start laying some eggs resulting in new workers, queens or drones. The drone could be “consumed” by this process or only have a short life span.
  • Honey should be more useful. Maybe Thralls can consume honey or higher tier honey will improve your stats, etc.
  • It could also be fun if queens and drones (maybe even workers) have some genes or stats which are inherited by the next generation making you want to breed the best bee population on the server.

Hope you like the ideas and maybe give it a chance.

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bears already eat honey in their growth diet and there are a few recipes centered around honey.

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