Shaggai drones mystery

A couple of questions after crafting a few drones.

Do they come in a greater variant?
How does the Shaggai queen jelly improve the beehive?

They should have a greater variant ( i´m breeding 5 of them atm so hope so :P)

I think the jelly is special energy food , i put them in the beehive

it takes a while…

I see. I’ve got them in the improved beehive, so with the Jelly it should be an improved, improvement of a beehive.

I’ve bred about 7 so far with lots of honey and jelly but still no greater.

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Btw: If you do manage to get a greater, please let me know. I’ll do the same.

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i´ll take a look :slight_smile:

Edit: only normal ones :confused:

But … i place a new babydrone from the icebox on the beehive… the breeding won´t start…

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I hadn’t noticed, I’ll check later. Make sure the beehive production is turned on, I accidentally turn it off sometimes and don’t realise.

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it is :confused:

well there are a few things that are broken ( vault decoration recipies ) so i try it later with other beehives :slight_smile:

100+ honey is needed in the hive I think.

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