Trouble finding worker/queen bees now

Hi guys,

to the point: Apparently beehives are not providing honey passively anymore. But I also noticed the fact that the bees are much harder to get these days. I managed to collect only approx. 60 bees in one week in the game in single player, so I put them into beehives and got 90 pieces of honey.

I went outside again to harvest more fiber, aloe and lotus flowers, but in 15 minutes of focusing only on plants I did not get a single bee. I was using BB sickle with the best upgrade.

So, is this intended? Because in my opinion it should be only one of those:

  1. Beehives will not produce honey passively anymore, but the drop rate of bees stays as it was before.
  2. Beehives will produce honey passively when Queen bee present, but more slowly than before, so the drop rate of bees can be low(er) as it is right now.

Right now it seems the drop chance of bees is very poor and the ods for getting some more honey is meh. :confused:

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Which map are you playing on? :thinking: I recall having an issue getting them to passively produce honey on Siptah (which is where someone suggested queen bees), but I’ve had no issues on Exiled Lands with regular bees. If the same holds true for you, then It’s likely a bug and you should fill out a bug report.

I am playing on Exiled Lands map.

Now I checked and the hives produced 7 pieces each, without me adding any bees. So I guess I was just impatient and originally thought that the honey is produced much more quickly. :slight_smile: Because usually the beehives are full of honey which no one can find any use for. :smiley:

I spent some more time to gather more plants, but I only got thousands of fiber, around eight hundred of insects, aloe, yellow lotus… And not a single bee. I believe the chance of getting them while harvesting was lowered anyways.

I like the second opinion. I think it should be hard to find a queen bee and it should have a timer (you do not place her in a hive and she dies), but once she is in you should forget about farming for bees.

I’ve had this feeling for a long time now, about two years.

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