Queen Bees anyone?

Has anyone gotten Queen Bees lately? If so, where’d you find them? I just went on a farming spree of Aloe plants, and some other misc plants, filled up my 200 slot inventory and only got regular bees, no queens. Where are you finding your queens?


I got two today by looting a corpse. I wonder how to get them by farming too, I haven’t got any in Chapter3 other than these two. Maybe your golem can farm them along with the plants?

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Have picked up some on Siptah lately official pve-c honestly don’t know if it was going after fiber or bodies and chests was chasing after Sorcerer’s and Golum pieces. Put 3 and some worker bee’s in a hive today. Could have been from grabbing fiber by hand trying to find a bodies.

I usually get them when using a sickle on aloe. From what I gather, they are a rare material drop, so you won’t get a ton.


So weird. I did aloe plants, black blood sickle, advanced improvement, and have careful harvest expertise, and got 0. Welp, looks like it was just bad luck then I guess.


I want to say they come from Lotus and many of the Dye material plants. But I haven’t farmed much of these in the last month or so.

I didn’t think to try the lotus - that actually makes sense for a rare resource. I’ll give that a shot, thanks! …after I recover from the last farming session XD

Use a different sickle without improvement . I remember farming aloes and gaining “only” aloes with oiled blood sickle not advanced. Then again, now it’s your harvesting perk too, not only your tools :man_shrugging:.
Queen bees are rare drop, so you need the particular perk for it.

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Haven’t really noticed lately, since they don’t serve much purpose when honey replenishes on its own, but I would always find them when farming aloe and yellow lotus.


I snagged a bunch of queens from crimson lotus, might want to try that out.


sounds good. tons of it at mounds, i’ll give it a try.

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Lotus with sickle it is! :wink:


Get the “Careful Harvest” perk from the Expertise tree, it should up your gain of rare resources tremendously.

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Just farmed 700 aloe 2000 fiber 152 purple lotus 300 yellow lotus not a bee among them used steel sickle… must gotten from body or chest.

This is what I’m afraid of… I’ll try myself again when I’m able to get on later tonight.

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Check the brown bushes in the noob river. If not those, check the two smaller rivers for rare brown bushes. You just want the ones with seeds, literally.

I haven’t tested if the terrain affects the bush type. I mean, it looks like it.

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I have to apologize, I was absolutely sure. But wiki says:
Queen Bee is a byproduct of Aloe.
Queen Bee
So I testet (on PC) handpicked, Black Ice Sickle and Black Blood Pick (with a pick, you only get Insects from bushes).
NOTHING at all. Not a single Queen…
Maybe we have a problem (bug) here?

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I suppose I should’ve stated in my OP that I had already looked at the wiki as a starting point. But ya, nothing. I’m starting to wonder if we have a bug with the recent hotfix, or even with the Season 3 update.

I restocked on aloe a day or two ago and received a number of queens, playing on an official (PC PvE) Siptah server at the moment.

Some accidental hand-picking aside, I used the Acheronian sickle.

I can also confirm that it is almost impossible to find them.

it is very important for catch big fish.

so is i hope funcom increase the chances of getting them…