No worker or queen bees to be found

Hey everyone,

I’m used to using a sickle to get bees from Aloe plants, and i did get a lot in the past like a month or two ago, but nothing the past two weeks, I usually play on a local modded server with other people, no one is experiencing this issue but me, and i even uninstalled the game and the save files from my computer and reinstalled and tried a fresh single player game with no mods, and all i get are Aloe seeds and Aloe plants, has anyone faced this issue before ?

Welcome @Angelos.z :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you tell which of the sickles you use? And whether you used any upgrade on it.

Basic material (like stone) tools do not collect some of the resources at all.

Thank you for the welcome fito :slight_smile:

on the fresh new server with no mods, i tested with a steel sickle and a black blood one, both same thing

I noticed the same. It seems some plants give more than others now.

its weird because between the time i remember getting regular amounts and nowadays, I didn’t see any update to the game, and i tested multiple different locations on the map, yet not a single drop, I even went as far as uninstalling the game fully and removing all traces of mods and reinstalling, no change

I’m still getting them, as of this morning in fact. Is it possibly a server restart thing that needs to happen for you?

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