Bees are no longer dropping

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: Offline
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: N/A

Bug Description:

When attempting to complete the ‘Brewer’ Journey, I noticed that bees are no longer dropping when we harvest plants. I am no longer receiving bees from plant fibre or aloe nodes. Not the most urgent bug at the moment, but just putting it out there.

Bug Reproduction:

Harvest aloe and plant fibre nodes either with a sickle, or by hand using the interact button, but recieve no bees when doing so. Happy to provide additional details if necessary.

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I got 5 queens from an aloe plant the other day actually.

That is odd jmk1999. I spent ages trying to get some last weekend using both my black blood sickle and also the ol push □ manual harvest method when that failed to yield any. No workers or queens at all. In the end I used 2 from my stockpile I had on reserve in a chest. Perhaps it is unique to Singleplayer mode(?). I will tinker with different tiered tools and perks over the weekend and see if that yields any for me.

Idk… I’d definitely say the yield on them dropping feels significantly lower than they were. I’ve heard of many others in the same boat, and the fact that I didn’t get any worker bees seems odd in itself as well. I think their drop rate definitely needs adjusting.

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Last week was watching my wife playing on official she went into chest had 7 queen bees Exiles newbie river I believe gathered by hand. I tested on Siptah with improved steel sickle didn’t get any of course you have to be able to see fiber made a fiber harvesting Golum today have to see how he fairs can not put yellow lotus or purple in his lower inventory so he looks for it witch doesn’t make sense. Got 200 plus crimson lotus on Siptah last week was not in inventory when I got home. Way too much disappearing from inventory normally bows. @Croms_Faithful I was on Official Siptah

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I should probably also note I was using a black blood sickle with just a reinforcement kit on it, so nothing special to allow for increased anything really. I believe I got them by the small river going towards the maker’s hand.

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I’m getting plenty of bees with a steel sickle. I do find that I get more queens when harvesting aloe.

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There is also a perk for harvesting… Sry don’t know now which one and how it calls but it makes the rate higher for rare drops.

A while ago I was hunting the blue men near the tower on siptah for the witch fire powder to complete my sorcery steps… It takes much time. I have only getting 6 every 5 kills. After some days I was again there and had this perk. Around 20 every 3 or 4.

Also when I am farming fiber I have a lot of bugs after that. Bees too but can not say how many queens are dropping with this perk.


Was going after aloe steel sickle fitting got several Queen bees didn’t realize until back at base Siptah east coast of map


I also get them always just because of farming some plants with sickle and then I put the bees and queens in a chest.
Never really used them. But I think offline single player they are more important. Online the beehive is full of honey after few days even without bees and queens


@sestus2009, @ConanBoDk, @everybodyvsME
And @ jmk1999 thankyou for showing an interest in this thread and helping a fella in need to get to the bottom of this.

Ok so I have done another couple of rounds of testing over the weekend. And it appears you were all correct. Bees are still dropping, however it would appear it comes with a quirk. So played on the Exiled Lands again. I took out the Careful Harvest(?) Perk, the one which makes it twice as likely we will gather rare resources. Tested using an iron, steel, acheronian, star metal and my regular black blood sickles. Now while I was getting drops for all tiers, I could swear that the drops were occurring at far more frequent intervals with the lower tier tool, ie-the iron and steel. Fewer units of bees in each drop of course, but fewer drops for the higher tiers nonetheless.

Perhaps this is a balance safeguard of sorts to keep checks and balances on the amount of oil or rare fish we can reliably farm? Just a theory mind you. But yes you were both right peoples, bees DO still drop.


At this point in Age of Sorcery Ch 3, you only need one.

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