Beyond The Road of Kings, Season Two: Wolves of the Steppe

Know O Prince, that in those times, to the north of Turan, between the shining Vilayet Sea and the eastern borders of Zamora, there lay a wild, untamed hinterland. Here there were yet to be found the signs of the great civilisations that reigned supreme, before the waves swept over Atlantis, and wild, tawny haired barbarians threw down the devil haunted empire of Acheron.

Come to the Turanian frontier. For your own reasons.

In all honesty, if you want a high fantasy, high magic server, with a diversity of otherworldly and
magical races, ours is not for you. If, however, you are searching for a server that captures the
pulp sword and sorcery stories of Robert E Howard, we may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Server Discord Invite: Beyond the Road of Kings
Additional Info: Beyond the Road of Kings (Lore Adherent RP-PVP 18+)


This is a server that actually “walks the walk” when it comes to providing a truly Hyborian experience in REH’s world. Join this server, and live in the world, not just exiled or stranded to it like in Isle of Siptah or the Exiled Lands. If that doesn’t excite you, then I don’t know what will.


So I’ve been on several Conan Roleplay servers, Popular ones or otherwise. I can honestly say that unless you exclusively use Conan lore archives or play Yamatai, this is the best Conan server ever! Even if you do do those things this one’s change of pace is worth checking out.

The second season is here and the server got better??? IF you like to roleplay conan join us!!!


Rarely do I ever see this much work put into a server’s content, most tend to create a ruleset and hardly bother with engaging their players, hoping they’d engage themselves.

My deepest support and admiration goes to the staff


Playing here is a fantastic experience. The staff is welcoming and helpful, the rules are fair and easy to understand and the setting is true to what we should expect of a server that is true to Conan lore. The players are fun, engaging and enthusiastic, helpful to new players and active at all hours of the day. If you’re looking for high fantasy with elves, over the top magic and such this is likely not your place. However if you want a real authentic Conan experience brought to you by a team who really knows the lore and how to present it honestly, then this is the best place for you.

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War with the Hyrkanians as well as threats from pirates on the coast and marauding Zuaghir to the east make for tense but exciting times this season! A new Satrap to rule the city has reached our shores but has been taken captive! Will the people rise to the occasion and prove that there are heroes among them again? We’ll soon find out!

And while the grim and forbidding temple of Erlik dominates the temple quarter of Murun… nearby a gracious temple to Ishtar, goddess of both love and war, has opened its doors as well.

Folk gossip in the Crimson Oasis, the popular tavern located near the Souk… and there are whispers of a whole different city below the city itself. A place where Bel, god of thieves…and luck… is revered, and where the shadier side of society holds sway.

It’s an exciting time to be alive on the frontier of Turan. Join us!

A word about 3.0
We do not fear it! Much.
With the demise of Pippi odds are we are going to have to wipe. Even if Pippi were to still be functional with 3.0, sooner or later it will not be and trying to hang on to it will likely cause more problems further down the road. So, with the advent of 3.0 there are two possibilities.

  1. Pippi and most other key mods still work. In that event we will simply copy over the current server to our test server and play as usual while we rebuild the main server.

  2. Pippi and other key mods break. In that case we’ll wipe both the main and test servers and turn you all loose on the test server with the new Creative Mode turned on so that you can learn the new building system and design your new dream homes while we rebuild the main server.

When the new server is ready we’ll once again make the switch over as painless as possible with generous crafting station, build and armor/weapon making kits.

Provided we are able to get an apartment system in place, anyone who had an apartment can put in a ticket and they will get a new apartment free of charge.

As soon as both Astrid and Beyond Admin are available our whole staff will be testing them on 2 test servers at the same time and giving feedback to help us decide which will work best for us here on BTROK. Our aim remains to give you the best and most authentic Robert E. Howard experience we possibly can and we’ll be working hard to bring it to you as quickly and painlessly as possible.

So… there’s really no reason to wait for 3.0 to join us! And plenty of incentive to join us now as we are still active with events and lots of organic RP and we will definitely be taking care of our current players who have stuck with us and been active even with 3.0 looming!

We appear to have survived 3.0 Modpocalypse and are ready to get back to the RP goodness we all know and love!

The war has ended with the Turanians and their allies triumphant against the Hyrkanian raiders, but not without heavy losses. Refugees and opportunistic thieves and raiders abound even as the city of Murun begins to rebuild the rhythms of normal life and commerce. The well loved Satrap does his best to aid the citizenry but there are whispers in the city of another, more shadowy power, arising, a voice of rebellion and anger and maybe even hope to the downtrodden. But are saviors ever what they seem?